Lal Kitab Remedy to Purify Your House

This is an Indian remedy, which is known in the Hindi language as the Upay or Totka for Makan Shuddhikaran meaning a paranormal remedy to clean and purify a house of all negative or lifeless energies.  This remedy is slightly different from the earlier remedy for the same purpose, which was published a couple of years back, that remedy can be seen in this – Post, is from the mystic occult book, the Lal Kitab.

At Sunset, the practitioner should take about half a Liter of unboiled Cow Milk in a utensil and add nine drops of pure honey to the Milk. Then he should take the Milk to the top most place of his house [the terrace or any other structure, which is above the terrace] and then come down. While coming down, he should sprinkle the Milk in all the rooms and passages of his house, including the bathrooms and toilets.

After doing what is mentioned above, the practitioner should go out of his house from the front door and keep the utensil along with the left over Milk in a Street Corner, the meeting place of four roads, called Chauraha. Then he should head back straight home and while returning to the home he should not glance back over his shoulder.

This remedy should be performed sincerely for 21 days in a row and he should take care to see that he is not interrupted while performing the remedy, if any person asks him or tries to start a conversation; he should ignore that person and carry on with the remedy. The practitioner can apologize to that person after completing the remedy.

This Lal Kitab remedy is said to remove all kinds of bad, harmful, dull and lifeless energies, including unseen and ghostly paranormal energies from the house and ensure that only fresh, vibrant and positive energies circulate inside the house. The benefits of performing this remedy are immense and it is said to bring joy, peace and positivity into the house along with material benefits like money and wealth [Sukh Samridhi Aur Anand].

Another Vastu Shuddhi remedy, which is simpler and effective in exorcising the house of all unwanted energies can be seen in this - Post.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    If we are staying in a flat I mean building than we should go to building terrace?


    1. This remedy is suitable for those people living in a independant house or row house.

    2. Hi Neel Sir,
      Then what to do for apartment flat? How should we try this?

  2. Namastey sir,

    I'm extremely thanking you sir for your effort.Can I should left the utensil at the meeting place of four roads? Can I reuse the utensil by pouring milk at four roads. Should I buy 21 utensils to perform these rituals.Somebody told my parents that some black magic had done to my home.Is it enough to get rid of this ?

    1. New utensils should be used every day for this remedy, including small clay Matkas or any other cheap utensil of any metal.

  3. thankyou for the post sir,sir we have to sprinkle milk with bare hand or we have to use something like leaf,spoon or something,if with leaf,please specify what leaf.

    1. You can use a small spoon to sprinkle the Milk.


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