Traditional Indian Remedies to Remove Evil Eye

In this post, I have described a couple of Most Simple Totke for removing the Evil Eye or Buri Nazar, which do not need any kind of Mantra Siddhi. These Totke are time tested traditional Indian paranormal remedies for destroying the harmful effects of Drishti Dosha or Buri Nazar, which have always been practiced over the ages by the practitioners of the Black Magic Voodoo Spells Removal Tantra in India.

 First Totka
 The practitioner has to take a Black colored thread, which is seven times the height of the body of the man or woman who is believed to be affected by Buri Nazar.  The thread should be kept before the affected person and offered  Deep[Oil Lamp] and Dhoop [Incense] and an Utara has to be done by moving the Black Thread seven times from head to toe over the body of the affected person.

The Black Colored thread should be then be taken to a Sacred Fig Tree [Peepal Ka Ped], the tree should be offered Dhoop and Deep and the Black Thread should be tied around the trunk of the Peepal Tree.

After tying the thread, the practitioner should fold his hands before the Peepal Tree and say – “Amukam Ki Bala Tere Sir” replacing the word Amukam with the name of the person affected by the Evil Eye. This means, “I am transferring the Evil Eye of the affected person to you, meaning the Peepal Tree.

The practitioner should then head straight back home and while going back should not glance back over his shoulder even once and should wash his hands, feet and face before entering his home.

Second Totka
The second Totka for exorcising or destroying Buri Nazar is even simpler; all that the practitioner has to do is to take 225 Grams of Fitkari or Turti called Alum in English and do an Utara by moving it 21 times from head to toe over the body of the affected person.

He should then take the Turti to a Chauraha [a place or street corner, which is the meeting place of four roads] and throw it throw it on the Chauraha.

This Drishti Dosha Nivaran Totka can also be practiced by crushing the Turti with the left hand and then throwing the Tutri Powder in a Well.

Then as in the first Totka, he should not glance over his shoulder and wash himself before entering his residence.

Note- Both the Buri Bala Nikalne Ke Totke can be practiced on any day at any time to relieve a person affected by Buri Nazar of the evil and malefic energy from his body and surroundings.

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  1. Does the fitkari has to be 225 gram? or it can be any gram?


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