Exorcism Mantra Ritual using Black Horse Hooves

The Mantra given in this post is one of the most popular and famous of the Indian Shabar ghosts, spirits, evil and malefic energies, dangerous demons and black magic voodoo spells removal Exorcism Mantras. The same Mantra is used in multiple black magic, exorcism and demonic possession destruction Tantric Mantra Experiments. The exorcism ritual described by me, in this post using this Mantra is one of the more effective of these occult experiments.

The Mantra Experiment has to be performed during the period of the Ashwini/Ashvini Nakshatra; English name of this constellation is Beta Arietis. During this specific period, the exorcist should obtain the Hooves of both the front legs of Black colored Horse [Kale Ghode Ke Agle Pairon Ke Khur].

Then the exorcist should make the possessed person sit in front of him and burn the Hooves over a fire and let the smoke emitting from the Burning Hooves cover the body of the possessed person. All throughout the Dhuni or fire ritual the exorcist should keep chanting the Exorcism Mantra shown by me in the image.

Hindu Black Horse Hooves Voodoo Spell for Exorcism
Bhootadi Palayan Exorcism Mantra

This exorcism rite is believed to get rid of all dangerous emerges, including Bhoot-Pret, Atrupta Atma, Kala Jadu Tona and harassment from evil beings like Chudail and Dayan from the being and surroundings of the possessed person.

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