Monkeybone Tantra Remedy to Protect Village

There are a vast treasure house of rare and interesting paranormal remedies contained in the Hindu Tantric texts, most of these paranormal remedies as per my studies came into existence during the early and late Middle Ages. A very simple and basic remedy or Totka, which was practiced in those times to safe guard a Basti or a small settlement of houses in the vicinity of a larger village, used a special Bandar or Monkey Tantra, which, I have described in this post.

This Tantra was practiced to safe guard theses locality, which comprised most of farming communities from pests, rodents, reptiles, birds and animals which are known cause damage to crops, life and property like insects, rats, snakes, crows, jackals and foxes.

The Basti priest or Tantric obtained the Bone of a Bandar [Monkey], which was Nine Fingers Long [this was an ancient form of measuring the length of an object in fingers]. This Monkey Bone was duly worshipped by lighting an Oil Lamp [Tel Ka Diya] and Dhoop [Incense Stick] in front of the Monkey Bone.

The Monkey Bone was then buried on the outskirts or boundary of the Basti. It is also quite probable that more than one Monkey Bones were buried to create a protective circle around the settlement.

Note- The Monkey is a harmless creature and the purpose of writing this article in not to cause harm to Monkeys, but to give information about rare Indian Paranormal Practices.

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