Meaning of Atiganda Yoga in Vedic Astrology

Atiganda Yoga. Which is sixth of the 27 Yogas described in Vedic Astrology is considered to be an inauspicious astrological Yoga to have in the Kundali. However, there is nothing totally black and white in astrology as the benefits and drawbacks of Yogas and Doshas depend upon a wide range of factors, which are specific to the horoscope of an individual.  I personally know many people born under inauspicious Yogas who have been successful and enjoyed a peaceful and happy life.

परापवादनिपुणः सत्यहीनः रुदालसः || परदाररतः कमी अतिगण्डे मवेघदि ||
This Sanskrit verse from an ancient Hindu study on Vedic Astrology describes the Atiganda Yoga. The meaning of this verse is – One who always blames others, dishonest, always lazy and lusting after other women is the one who is born who is born in an Atiganda Yoga.

As one-third of the Yogas are believed to be unfavorable Yoga, it is highly unlikely that one-third of the population of the world will always experience malefic effect by being born in these Yogas.  This number would substantially increase if one adds the Doshas or unfavorable planetary afflictions, which are said to adversely affect the life of a person.

As said above, trying to find Totke and astrological remedies for each and every astrological defect is foolhardy and one should always look at the larger picture and analyze the Kundali in totality and then attempt to seek a solution for unfavorable conditions.

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  1. post some shabar mantras related to lord narsingh regarding protectio from evil spirit ,evil eye ,malefic planetary position,,..

  2. I want to know what can be done to reduce the lust factor?
    Also please tell me what should I do to remove the obstacles in my path of success?


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