Strange Indian Tantra for Hair Growth

In this post, I have described a couple Strange and interesting Indian Tantra Remedies for Hair Growth and Growing Hair on a Bald Palate. I have never tried or experienced the results of these Hair Growth remedies or Ganjapan Door Karne Ke and Sunder Kale Ghane Kesh Ke Upay Aur Totke.  However, I have to mention that these are traditional Indian Hair Growth and Baldness removal remedies from the early and late middle ages and are still likely to be prescribed by some Traditional Indian Healers and practitioners of the Tantra.

Remedy for growing Hair on a Bald Palate
A bone from the Skull or any other bone from the from the head portion of a Donkey is powdered in Olive Oil [Zaitoon Ka Tel in the Hindi language] to prepare a semi-thick paste.
This Olive Oil-Donkey bone paste is applied on the head [Lep Chadhana in Hindi] before retiring to bed at night.
Then, after waking up in the morning, the Olive Oil –Donkey bone paste is washed and removed from the head while facing the Sun.

Remedy for Strong, thick, black and Beautiful Hair
The Night Soil or Droppings of a Black Colored Horse [Ghode Ki Lid in the Hindi language] is burnt to ash. This Horse Droppings ash is washed with fresh clean drinking water and mixed in Olive Oil.
The hair is lightly massaged [ Halka Malish]every night before going to bed with this Horse Droppings mixed Olive Oil until positive results are visible.
The paste is wash and removed from the Scalp in the morning.

Note- I Cannot vouch for the success or failure of these Hair Growth Remedies, please consult your physician before using them. Both these remedies are known to give a strong foul smell and odor due the presence of the animal parts mentioned above.

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