Blackmagic Repulsing Talisman for Main Door

Most people in India would have most certainly noticed small cloth bundles hanging on the top or sides of the upper frames of the main doors or entrances to a lot of houses or flats. These cloth bundles are simple homemade talisman to repulse, revert and prevent black magic, evil eye, harmful voodoo spells and paranormal occult magic cast by a black magician or Tantric from entering the home.  In this post, I will describe the contents of the dark energy-repulsing talisman and how they are prepared for actual use.

How to prepare the simple Gharelu Upay or homemade Kala Jadu-Tona, Buri Nazar, Upri Hawa, Buri Bala, Aghori Mantra-Yantra-Tantra Prayoga repulsing Talisman.
On stick of Haldi [Turmeric]
One Supari [Betel Nut]
A fistful of Whole unbroken Rice Grains
Five Black Colored Nails [the type of Nails, which are used to fix the soles of Chappals [Indian Leather Sandals or Shoes]
Five Pins
One Bibva Nut, which is also known as the Bhilwa or Semecarpus anacardium. This is a plant part, which is used in Indian Paranormal Experiments and Ayurveda and is easily available in the market.
The items mentioned above have to be wrapped inside a white colored piece of cloth to prepare a small roundish bundle. This cloth bundle should be tied on any side of the upper frame of the main door or entrance of the house or flat.

The example of a simple black magic repulsing talisman given in this post is said to contain items, which are as per the Tantra Shasta said to oppose black magic spells. This is only a sample homemade Kala Jadu-Tona repulsing talisman; there are a lot of variations of such talismans depending upon the local traditions and customs.

There is no specific for of worship or Puja- or Mantra -Vidhi prescribed for the actual use of these homemade voodoo occult spells reversing talismans. There is also no prescribe date for preparing and using the talisman, but a lot of people prefer the days of Amavasya or New or No Moon to actually tie these bundle outside their homes.

If the talisman gets damaged, it can be immersed in flowing water or thrown into a garbage dump and another similar cloth bundle can be prepared for use on the main door.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Can we use this Talisman for Business or Office purpose?

    1. Yes, you can use the talisman for your business or office.

  2. please post other variants of such simple black magic remedy for house,,,,..

  3. Its a very helpful post.Many thanks for this post and please give this type of various remady because now this time its very essential for all.Thanks.

  4. Guruji please tell me 5 pins which needs to be used , are you referring to ball pins, safety pins or some thing else. and unbroken rice grains means- is the one with the brown husk around the rice...

    1. The Pins mentioned for this black magic experiment are the small thin nails.
      Unbroken rice is ordinary full rice grains and not broken ones or Tukda Chawal variety.


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