Mantra-Yantra Remedy for Sade Sati

This is a special Yantra- Mantra Remedy or Shani Sadi Sati Nivaran Totka, which was explained to me by a Priest. This Paranormal Remedy which is practiced to ward of the harmful, evil, dangerous and malefic side effects of Sadi Sati. Sadi Sati as explained many times in previous posts is the dreaded Astrological Yoga of the Seven and a half year transit of Shani [Saturn] when Shani transits the Dwadasha Bhav [Twelfth House], Pratham Bhav [First House] and Dwitiya Bhav [Second House] of the Chandra Rashi or Moon Sign as per Hindu Vedic Astrology. I have described the procedure to perform this remedy below in this post.

To perform this remedy a square piece of cloth [any make] should purchased on a Friday. This piece of cloth or handkerchief should be of seven-inch dimension, which is seven inches on all four sides. If unable to find such a piece of cloth in the market, it can be prepared at home or from a tailor.

The Sade Sati Nivaran Yantra show in the image [except the Hanuman Mantra shown at the bottom of the Yantra] should be prepared on a Tamra Patra [Copper Sheet].

Then on the next day, which is Saturday, after having a bath the practitioner should sit down comfortably, take the piece of cloth in his right hand and close his eyes and chant the Shani Mantra shown in the image 11 times.

Nilanjan Samabhasam Shani Mantra for removing hardships of Sade Sati
Nilanjan Samabhasam Shani Mantra

After this, the cloth should be kept on a wooden board, the Yantra kept on it, and the practitioner should place the Middle finger of his right hand on each of the nine squares of the Yantra and chant the Anjani Suta Mantra of Hanuman, which is shown at the bottom of the image 11 times for each square. After chanting the Mantra 11 times, the practitioner should apply Gandham and offer a Blue Colored Flower to the square.

Hindu Vedic Astrology and Paranormal Yantra-Mantra Remedy for Sadi Sati
Yantra-Mantra for Sadi Sati
After this, the Cloth and Yantra should be offered Dhoop and Diya. The Yantra should be kept in the Puja-Ghar and the cloth should be kept in an envelope or any other covering and kept on the body, in the pocket, purse or wallet.

This is a onetime Sadi Sati Nivaran Totka and the practitioner should keep a Vrat[fast] on this day and preferably on every Saturday during the period of the Sadi Sati. This Yantra-Mantra Remedy is said to not only remove the bad luck, hardships and problems of Sade Sati but also make Shani favorable towards the practitioner and make the star of fortune shine brightly for him and give him good luck and success in everything he does.

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  1. big thanks to for such upay related to sade sati by shani dev,,...three things comes in my mind ,,,,,..the cloth should be of which colour ,,..maybe preferably black as the colour is like of shani dev,,,. ..the cloth over which the yantra is placed,,,, after the mantra energising of nine squares is done ,,, is it necessary to remove the cloth below the yantra,,, after the energisation of yantra is done,,,,,,,,,,, during the energising of nine squares just three words ''anjani sutay hanuman''' has to be chanted or it is name of some mantra,,...

    1. You can use black or any shade of blue colored cloth.
      The cloth as mentioned in the post should be removed after the energisation of the Yantra,
      The 2 words make the complete Hanuman Mantra for this Sadhana.

  2. Sir, which colour cloth should be taken, as black is a commonly perceived cloth taken for Shani Dev ji.
    2) what is gandham, sir ?
    3) sir, the three letter mantra for hanuman ji at bottom of Yantra image has to be recited ie 99 times (@ 11*9), is that right Sir ?

    1. See the reply to the above comment for the cloth color.
      Gandham meas slightly wet Sindoor or Kumkum, which is normally offered as Tilak to deities or on the forehead.
      That is correct the Hanuman Mantra is to be chanted 99 times in the Yantra Sadhana.

  3. Sir, in the first reply above, it has been mentioned that 2 word mantra. Is it not 3 word mantra ?
    2) this remedy has been quoted as a one time sadhna. Sir period of sadesati comes three times in one's life normally. When period of sadesati is over, in between the period to NEXT sadesati, there are shank Dahiayas also and period free of the aspects of sadesati and dahiayas. Should the cloth be kept in purse/wallet for ever ?
    3) can this remedy be done before the start of sadesati, just for the purpose that evil effects should not start at all ?
    4) if more than one member of a family perform this remedy, then there will be more than one SUCH sadesati tantras at PUJAplace. Is it OK ?
    5)Is this remedy applies to Shank Dhayia also ?

    1. The Mantra is 3 word, what has appeared above is an oversight.
      This is a one time Shani Sadhana and need not be repeated.
      The Sadhana can be performed any time during the Sade Sati and can be performed in any of the three Sade Sati and not in the in between Dhayia, which is not in the Sade Sati period.
      The cloth can be kept in the purse until the Sade Sati is over, after that it can be kept in the cupboard.
      If more that one family member is having Sadi Sati, then they can perform it along with other Sadi Sati Mantras, Yantras or Tantras, there should be no problem.

  4. Sir thank you very much for a very very lengthy reply for a long questionnaire. Sorry to bother you too much.
    Sir, by going through your reply, many issues are now clear in my mind but few ambiguities earlier have been further aggravated.
    1) Like , I, am presently passing through a period of sadesati. Some 2 years are left. I am aggrieved a lot. Suppose I do the remedy, then after two years, cloth has to be taken out of the wallet and has to be placed in cupboard. Here the confusion crept in. Thereafter 2-3 years, shani dhayia will come. What will be the effect of this remedy done earlier and whether during the dhayia, black cloth from cupboard,has to be put again in wallet ?
    2) if yes, then after the dhayia, cloth to be put in cupboard till next dhayia comes to be taken to wallet and so on for thereafter sadesati .....
    3) if answer to point (1) is NO ie if this remedy is not suitable for dhayia, then one should wait for next sadesati for cloth to be taken to wallet.
    4) in nutshell, once done, is this remedy effective for present sadesati, future sadesatis and coming dhayias ?
    5) sir , please clarify as if this remedy be performed exactly before the sadesati just to ward off any evil effects from start ?
    6) if it is applicable to dhayia, will the same rule apply as in (5) above?
    7) last, regarding family members , my earlier query dated 22 Nov 2015 was regarding , if all family members do this particular sadesati remedy, then in that situation, can many SAME type of yantras be placed in pujaplace ?

    1. After performing this remedy, the next Shani Dhayia will not adversely affect you.
      The cloth can be kept in the cupboard and there is no need to take it out again, if you want, you can also place it in your Puja-Ghar.
      The remedy is suitable for Sade Sathi and once performed it is said to resolve all Shani related problems, including those of the coming possible adverse Shani Dhayias and future Sade Sathi.
      The remedy can be performed any time during the Sade Sathi and not before the actual commencement of the Sade Sath.
      All family members, if having Sade Sati can perform this remedy at the same time and keep their individual Yantras in the Puja-Place.

  5. Sir, I am greatly thankful to you indeed.

    Though I have sincerely performed the ' remedy by taking Shapath from inauspicious planets in horoscope.... Badam for shani' but I will do this remedy for sadesati also. Sir , though both remedies pertain to Shanidev ji but former is for pacifying Shani in horoscope and later one is for sadesati ( which is also controlled by Shanidev ji).

    Sir, I guess that there is no harm in doing both the remedies , particularly, when I have also pacified Shanidev ji by performing remedy involving Shapath.
    Is that true, Sir?

    1. There will be absolutely no problems in performing both the remedies as they are both for the same purpose of pacifying Shanidev.

  6. so yantra has to be prepared on friday, is this right?

  7. Is the Yantra kept in puja place in this case , be kept FOR EVER in puja place , as this remedy is said to be done for once.

    1. Yes, you can keep the Yantra forever in your Puja Place.

  8. Pranam Neelji ,
    I cannot get Tamra Patra here? Is there any other option? Please do reply.
    Thank you

    1. It is only a small copper sheet, which can be found any place.
      The best options has been given in the post, you could try Bhojpatra.

  9. Please help me with the yantra to avoid car accident.

    1. There are many such remedies given on thi site, which you can find by doing a site search. An example Yantra -


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