Feng Shui on Closed Rooms in a House

Some sections of the Hindu Paranormal Tantra Shastra, including Vastu Shastra recommends that a room in a house or a building should never be kept permanently closed or locked.  This is said to attract unseen and mystic paranormal energies and negative, dull or malefic Chi Energy [according to Feng Shui] to settle down and freely circulate inside that particular room.

When a human being frequents any place, he leaves his scent in that place, even though humans themselves rarely notice this, it is easily picked up by most animals. Unwanted pests and rodents like spiders, cockroaches, house geckos, bed bugs and other such unwelcome pests thrive in this closed and unventilated atmosphere.  A trace of the human scent or aura, apart from preventing unwanted pests also keeps the unseen ghostly beings and vibratory energies at bay and prevents them from making their home in closed places.

 Some member of the household should visit the room, which is not in use or which is being used to store unused material at least once a day. If possible and this depends on the location of the room, the windows should be kept open for sometime so as to let Sunlight and Fresh Air circulate inside the room. The room should also be swept and cleaned once a day or if that is not possible at least once in two or three days.

While cleaning the floor Rock Salt should be mixed with the cleaning water, this as explained in an earlier post is one of the best ways to remove negative energies that post can be seen - Here.  If possible, an Incense stick should be lit in the closed room after cleaning it daily or once as mentioned above every two-three days.

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