Immediate Future Challenges for Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi’s forward march seems to have hit a roadblock as the opposition parties are rapidly coming together under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi to stop Modi at all costs.  The opposition unity has received a massive boost after the BJP [Read Modi and Amit Shah] debacle in the Bihar Assembly election, which was just concluded. This site had forecast Modi's national role and pre-dominant position in Indian Politics and his rise to the position of Prime Minister of Indian many years back.

As has been pointed out time and again, the future is dynamic and ever changing, what may be logical and true today will not necessarily turn into the future tomorrow, that is the reason why most astrologers and futurologists fail time and again to predict the future.

Power cannot last forever, but how to Grab Power and Keep it is an art, which the most successful dictatorial regimes and dynasties in the history of the world had mastered. The following points and how Modi faces them is most crucial to the immediate future of the continuance of Modi and the BJP in power. These are the points on which the opposition is attempting to blackmail Modi into being as magnanimous as Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Relentless attacks on the Modi Government and BJP on intolerance and anything, which is remotely connected with Hindu Domination or Hindu Supremacy by the opposition and a web of Left Oriented NGO’s and Social Activists.
Award Wapsi, which is underway in full swing, will take a major step forward by mutating into Hunger Strikes until Death.
Statements indented to create controversy and Breaking News by “eminent personalities” having a motivated and biased agenda.
Disruption of the Parliament, most the Rajya Sabha on the slightest pretext or even manufactured controversy. This is to prevent legislation on reforms at any cost.
Provoking extreme reactions from the Hindu Organizations like the ongoing Tipu Sultan Jayanti Controversy in Karnataka.
Linking any move on uprooting corruption, income-tax action and scrutiny as being politically motivated and vendetta for opposing intolerance.
Creating Caste and Reservation Agitations like the mysterious Patel Reservation controversy underway in Bihar. Reservation Agitations in other states appear to be on the cards.
Preventing any truth coming out on the role of Jawaharlal Nehru in the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose death mystery.

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  1. yes sir, you are cent percent right, it is visible that congress grouped with other opposition parties stopping modi to perform his best,.the stoping proceeding of parliament is really unfortunate.there are many important lagislation in Q to become law, particularly GST and Income tax reform bill.plz enlight us sir from time to time on such an important matters,

  2. Respected Sir,

    What is worrying further is the fact that the award wapsi looks like a planned outrage to derange the government and cause unnecessary chaos so that government can be blamed.

    As you rightly said future is dynamic and ever changing.But most of the astrologers suddenly now after the Bihar elections have jumped to the MGB ship and saying Bihar rule will be prosperous and Nitish Kumar will be PM in 2019 already now itself.I wonder why even famous astrologers think the future can be 100% predicted.


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