Vashikaran For Ugly Women to Captivate Husband

The Vashikaran Totka described by me in this post is a unique Vashikaran Experiment for a woman to put a most powerful Enchantment Spell over her husband and captivate him under this Occult Voodoo Spell so that he will never ever think about any other women apart from the practitioner of the Tantra. This Spell is said to give success even if the women is unattractive,  plain or ordinary looking or even ugly and the husband is a good looking ,handsome and attractive person.

The Five Parts of a Pomegranate Tree [Anar Ke Ped Ka Panchang] mentioned below have to be taken in equal proportion.
Root [Jad]
Leaves [ Patte]
Flowers [Phool]
Seeds, this is the Fruit of the Pomegranate Tree[Anar Ka Phal]
And mixed with White Mustard Seeds[Safed Sarson] taken in  quantity, which is  equal to one part of the above-mentioned Pomegranate Parts[One sixth].

All the above Pomegranate Tree Parts and the White Mustard Seeds have to be mixed and grounded to prepare a fine Vashikaran Paste or Churna.

This Vashikaran Churna has to be applied lightly on the outer skin of the Vagina before having physical relations with the husband.

Apart from what is mentioned above there is no other Vashikaran Mantra or Yantra Sadhana or Siddhi Sadhana applicable for this Vashikaran Prayoga. Other than a husband a woman can practice this Spell on her unresponsive or pined for boy friend or an ex-lover.

Note- The Vashikaran Experiment  given in the above post is based upon the information given in the Vashikaran Tantra, hence , I cannot guarantee the success or failure of the Totka neither am I advocating that the practice of this Spell.

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  1. good but not for europe. it is a good idea of you but a mantra would be better.

  2. Can i use dried leaves,flower,root for this prayog or Only fresh tree parts need to be use?

  3. sir please let me know fresh pomegranate tree parts need to be use or dried parts also can be used to prepare the paste?

  4. The Vashikaran Tantra says that fresh Pomegranate tree parts or Panchang have to be used for practising this remedy to prepare the Vashikaran Paste.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sir,
    After preparing the paste with fresh plant parts, can we store the paste and use the dried paste anytime after few months?

    1. It could be kept for 2-3 day but not more than that.


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