Astrology Remedy for Marriage Delay caused by Jupiter

This is a most simple Hindu astrology remedy, which is prescribed by some astrologers in India,  to facilitate the marriage of a girl who is nearing, reached or crossed the threshold of the normally accepted marriageable ages prevalent in her society or community. The astrology remedy  is primarily aimed at pacifying an adverse Jupiter in her horoscope, which in the opinion of the astrologer is responsible for delays or obstacles, which are obstructing her chances of getting married.

The remedy is partly religious and partly astrological and is most easy to practice for a girl who knows a little bit of cooking.

The remedy can be of use to those girls who do not wish to engage in lengthy and time consuming Tantras or Mantra Sadhanas.  As per the Tantra, the remedy is suitable for resolving any kind of marriage delay, including parental opposition or caste, language of religion barriers.

The remedy should be started on a Thursday in the morning excluding the Bhadra Kaal[this can be ascertained from the local Panchang or from any astrologer].

The aspiring girl should get up early in the morning and have a full body bath and then wear yellow colored clothes.

She should then, take a Sankalp for removing any obstacles created by Guru Graha, which are delaying her marriage and pledge that she will be preparing and donating 108 Besan Ladoo with her own hands to a needy Brahmin.

She should then prepare, the 108 Besan Ladoo with her own hands. The Besan Ladoos can be of any shape, but one thing should be kept in mind that all the Besan Dough, she has prepared,  should be used up in preparing the 108 Ladoos.

The girl should take a utensil and keep a yellow colored cloth on it and then keep the Ladoos over the cloth.

Then, the girl should go to a Shivalaya and pray to Shiv-Parvati to remove any obstacles in her marriage caused due to a malefic or unhelpful Guru Graha, in her Kundali and conclude the Sankalp.

Then, the aspiring girl should donate the Ladoos to any ordinary Brahmin along with some small Dakshina[the amount can be as per the monetary condition of the girl or her family].


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