Indian Occult Remedy to Find Undiagnosed Disease

A most interesting Traditional Indian Occult remedy, which is still in practice in some rural regions of India is described by me in this post. This Paranormal remedy is practiced in case where, the specific illness or disease, a person is suffering from has not been diagnosed even after repeated medical diagnostic tests.

Such a person cannot be prescribed specific medical treatment because the exact disease in unknown. In such cases, some people seek the help of the local or village Tantrik, who performs the Utara [a simple exorcism rite] described below to get rid of the disease or any other regressive and harmful, which have penetrated the aura of the sick person.

The Utara can be performed on any day at night. The simple steps given below have to be followed.
1. The practitioner has to take a small sized Matka[clay or earthen pot].
2. Some Sheera[Indian sweet dish made from semolina or wheat flour] has to be kept at the bottom of the Matka.
3. A few unlighted coals have to be kept on top of the Sheera.
4. A fistful of rice grains have to be put on top of the coals.
5. Then a Utara has to be performed by rotating the Matka over the body of the sick person from head to toe, 7 times in all.
6. Then a few small twigs of either a Peepal [sacred fig tree] or Bargad[banyan tree] have to be put inside the Matka.
7. An uncooked egg of a hen has to be kept on top in the Matka.
8. Then the practitioner has to go to a Chouraha[street corner, which is a meeting place of 4 roads] and keep the Matka there and remove the egg and break it over the Matka. This concludes the Desi Bhoot-Pret-Rog-Badha Nivaran Upay/Totka.

After the completion of this Voodoo Indian Remedy, the practitioner has to go back straight to his home, without glancing back over his shoulder. When he reached home, the practitioner has to straightaway go to the bathroom and wash his hands, feet and face.

Note- This is a stand-alone paranormal exorcism remedy, which is performed without the use of any kind of Mantra-Stotra or Prarthana.


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