Mantra to Make Body as Powerful as Vajra Astra

Today I have a special Hanuman Mantra Prayog through which any man can get a body as strong and powerful as a Vajra Astra. The Vajra Astra has been described in the Hindu Relgion to be the Supernatural Weapon of Indra Deva, the King of the Gods. The Vajra also mean the “Thunderbolt” and this Lord Hanuman Mantra has been attributed with the powers to make the body of the Sadhaka as strong as a Vajra or so powerful that it can withstand the power of the Vajra Astra. - Ashok Mehta

The people who face the problem of getting repeatedly ill will also get freedom from diseases by performing this Mantra Experiment. The Lord Hanuman Mantra is Satvik and very effective if chanted with faith.

Procedure of performing the Vajra Astra Mantra Prayog:
1. Start this Mantra Sadhana from a Tuesday morning, in the Shukla Paksha.
2. Sit facing the east on a Kush Aasan or a Red Velvet Aasan.
3. Keep a Chowki in front of you and spread a red cloth on it.
4. Then, keep a left facing Hanuman Idol on it and a Ram Darbar next to it.
5. Worship your Guru, Ganesh, Shiv and Ram-Sita. Then, apply a Tilak of Rakt Chandan on the idol and then on yourself.
6. Do Panchopchar Puja of Hanuman as follows -
Diya – offer a Pure Ghee Diya
Dhoop – offer Dhoop of Guggul
Pushp – offer a Red Rose
Naivedya - offer a Naivedya of Boiled Black Gram with Powdered Jaggery. Also add a few Tulsi Leaves in it.
Gandh – offer a paste of Ashtgandh as Gandh.
7. Take a Sankalp for your wish.
8. Use a Red Chandan Mala and chant 11 rosaries of this Mantra daily for 100 days.
9. The Naivedya which is offered must be eaten only by the Sadhak.

This Mantra can also be used for getting moderate amount of strength if someone doesn't want Vajra like strength.

Mantra || Om Vajra Kaayaaya Namaha ||
।। ॐ वज्रकायाय नमः ।।


  1. Oh yes.This is the mantra I was looking for.

  2. Thanks a lot sir for this awsome hanuman sadhana what i was looking for a long time... Thanks a lot again.. Sir i have a murti of hanuman in veeraasan style, so what to do if we dont have a left facing idol? Should we buy or? And it is necessary to chant with red chandan mala? Should i buy? I am a devotee of hanuman i am exited to do this sadhana sir plz answer my question thanks in advance

    1. Only red chandan mala and yes you can use veer hanuman. But his penance is very stiff to please him in that form

  3. Sir can we do this prayog in different way? Like reduce the days and increase the counts?

  4. Sir. Can we use photo instead of idol?

  5. Ashok ji "Jai Shri Ram Jai Hanuman",
    Ashok ji My Que is Can I Complete This Sadhana as 41 Mala's Daily in 28 Days which is equals to 1100 Mala's and
    Can I put Hanuman ji Photo Frame Facing South and Consider Him as Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman? Please Reply Me.

  6. Lord Hanuman iss th God of Great Strength and Courage.So infinite Mantras like the one above can be attributed to him.In Ramayan,if he desired so,he could have single-handedly vanquished Ravan and his clan.But he did not do it for the sake of Lord Ram.His Roar in Battle was like a thousand crore lions roaring in Battle.
    Anyways we must find more such mantras for obtaining Strength and courage from him so that weak people become strong and be able to fight the kind of evil that is prevailing in this world today.Jai Shri Ram.

  7. There should also be a mantra to become a 'Supernatural Warrior' -A warrior with all kinds of SuperNatural Weapons.

  8. sir can ladies chant this mantra as this mantra helps to streangthen weakness and ill health

    1. Even thought there might be some contrary views on this subject, in my opinion a woman can chant this mantra.

  9. Hey, I'd like to learn every mantra and counters you see I can do some pretty cool things myself every since 33 and I caught those stars I can make some pretty cool things happen in the process of writing a book explaining the resurrection thx from a real avatar

  10. If we don't require too much strength can we do 11 malas for 10 days with sankalap?

  11. Jai Shri Ram
    Sir what do you mean by left facing hanuman idol ?

  12. It is impossible to do this sadana outside India because one will never find all the ingredients needed. Will it work is one does as much as possible according to circumstances? Even in india, many the ingredients needed are not pure (if they are purchased from the shop), so the question applies even in that situation...

  13. Will vedic mantra like this, have effect in kaliyuga?
    I mean in kaliyuga, negative force is more powerful, so vedic mantra, I think it will time?


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