Mantra to Enter Another Person's Body

Today I will share a  most rare and secret Mantra for Par Kaya Pravesh or the magical and paranormal power to end another person's body. This Chamatkari Mantra is dedicated to Shri Guru. The most popular Hanuman Chalisa also talks about Shri Guru.

Shri Guru is none but Shiv in his Guru form. The Mantra is dedicated to this first and ultimate Guru. Only by luck have I got knowledge of this extremely rare Mantra. - Ashok Mehta

This is a Satvik Mantra as compared to other Par Kaya Pravesh Mantras which use Vama Marg.

Neither do I promote use of this Mantra nor am I responsible if the Sadhak gets stuck outside his body. Because for Par Kaya Pravesh, one will need to leave his own body first.

The person who hasn't got Shakti Paath Deeksha or the person who is not a Kundalini Upasak cannot do this Mantra Prayog.

Once the Sadhak has unlocked his third eye, only then can this Mantra be utilized. Because the third eye gives us divine vision and ability to see supernatural entities.

Without this eye, if someone does Par Kaya Pravesh, he will be left blind in the supernatural plane of existence that he has entered as the 2 physical eyes will become meaningless then and he never be able to find his own body again.

Hence, I warning that do not try this Mantra. The only reason for sharing this Mantra is that the knowledge of such Mantras is vanishing with each passing day. Hence, I am using the internet to make this knowledge known to all.

Procedure of the Mantra Experiment to enter another persons body:
1] Start this Mantra Sadhana from a Shivratri.
2] Sit facing the east direction in a Shivalay on a Kush Aasan
3] Worship your Guru, Ganesh, Shiv and Parvati.
4] Keep a Par kaya Pravesh Yantra in front of you on a Red Chowki. Offer Chandan, rice, pure Ghee to the Yantra and then light an Akhand Pure Ghee Diya.
5] Recite the Amogh Shiv Kavach, then take Sankalp for getting Par Kaya Pravesh Siddhi and start the Mantra Japa.
6] The Mantra must be recited 5 lac times within a period of 21 days.

Viniyog: || ॐ ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं अं सत्ये , हं शवले हस्ख्फ्रे
खर्वे, क्लीं रामे, हस्ख्फ्रे महापरिवृतो शून्यं परकाया सिद्धि, नारद ऋषिः , गायत्री छंदः , श्री गुरु देवता, गुं बीजं , ह्रीं शक्तिः , परकाया प्रवेश सिद्धि प्रीत्यर्थे मंत्र जपे विनियोगः ।।

मानस पूजा -
लं पृथ्वीव्यात्मकं गंधं समर्पयामि
हैं आकाशात्मकं पुष्पं समर्पयामि
यं वायव्यात्मकं धूपं समर्पयामि
रं दहनात्मकं  दीपं दर्शयामि
सं सर्वात्मकं ताम्बूलं समर्पयामि

Mantra -
|| ॐ परात्पराये विनिर्मुक्तायै परकायै ह्रीं कुलेश्वयैं फट् ।।


  1. please post the image of parkaya pravesh yantra too.

    1. I do not have the yantra but the same can be bought from a religious shop

  2. yes.and pls aslo explain the meditation method for opening the third eye in your upcoming posts.

  3. 1) can you enter the body of an animal
    2) Is the person being possessed aware of the event.
    3) if they are wearing a tabeez or something to protect against evil will that also protect against this.
    4) what happens to your body during this event.
    5) how long can you stay out of your body.
    6) can you swap bodies with someone

    1. 1. No. Because an animal doesn't have goddess kundalini within them.
      2. No. But others will become aware depending upon what kind of actions you do.
      3. Yes
      4. Nothing.
      5. As long as you want. But you must avoid staying outside body for long or else your soul might get lost in the sukshma world. Once you become spiritually advanced enough, you can stay outside your body for long time.
      6. If the other person also has par kaya pravesh siddhi, you both can.

  4. Cant someone do parakaya pravesha and end terror ?

  5. Hasyou watched Bogan or what? I am surprised by seeing that people I the 21st century are still lost in this bull shit talks. My friend tried once and now he's the president of pakistan.

  6. pls send me the mantra in english


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