Nostradamus on Indian Demonetization and Black Money

The after-effects of Modi’s Surgical Strikes on Black Money and De-Monetization are being experienced throughout the length and breath of India. Most Indians who are just mere by-standers to the sleazy and shady activities of the political class now find themselves in the midst of the biggest monetary changes, currently underway.

In an article written, just after, Modi assumed office, I had written about prophecies, which clearly indicated that Modi will take on the Underground Economy and trigger off its doom.  In another article, I had identified a prophecy of Nostradamus describing a “Constable” who will seize the ill-gotten wealth money of the corrupt as relating to India. In that article, the only mis-judgment was in identifying Kejriwal and Anna Hazare as the “Constables”.

Anna Hazare has, since then become a disillusioned man and Arvind Kejriwal, mutated into exactly the same type of politician whom he claimed to be opposing. The lesson here is that no person can be taken for face value in the current on-going turmoil in India, any person can turn into a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who would have imagined that the same seemingly honest anti-corruption crusader would be issuing threats of a revolution, if the Black Money is not restored back to the corrupt.

Way back in 2009, this site had interpreted certain Nostradamus Prophecies as relating to Indian Swiss Bank Accounts. The relation between Real-Estate and Black Money is well known, but very few know about its links with the Indian Stock Market. In another interpretation of certain Quatrains of Nostradamus, it seems most probable that the stock market might be wiped out along with the real estate market.

The Indian public should keep in mind that they will be in the thick of all these coming revolutionary changes, like the current one, which is the biggest crises faced by most Indians in their lifetimes.

It should be kept in mind that most of these prophecies and predictions are inter-related and connected and part of a larger scheme of events, which will keep on manifesting at regular intervals in the near future. Another thing to remember is not take everything for face value as most of the India Media is subservient and a part of the corrupt establishment. These people are neck deep in selective news, which gives the viewers a wrong impression.

Narendra Modi is sure to take more drastic measures and masterstrokes in the very near future as now it seems clear that he is definitely connected to the prophecies of Nostradamus.

There is also every indication that in the current situation in India no political party in India  can afford to squander off hard earned power.  If there is change of power the ones in power will try to finish off the opposition because political power in a large part of India is under dynastic rule.  If Modi looses power in the next Indian General Elections, he will find himself in a very difficult situation.

In accordance with the flow of events of the prophecies, there is also every chance of an emergency like situation or an emergency in India. The ones who grab the God-Sent opportunities with both hands will be the rulers and the others confined to the dust-bins.


  1. Which type of emergency will posed in india

    1. As per the predictions, this a strong possibility, the kind is most likely a political one.

  2. Sir u had asked about military coup..i mean a military rule like situation in india.As per ur prophecy is it will true in future

    1. In my opinion all the near term India related predictions are inter-related and connected to each other.

  3. Do you have any prophecy or prediction of what would be modis next step...It seems that there are babus and bank people also IT people who are mostly benefitted from demonitisation

    1. Modi has the courage to take hard decisions, like this one, which no one even dreamed about, the next step will be in the same mold, probably something legal.

  4. It would really boost the peoples confidence on modi if there is crack down on babus and income tax babus who have made money out of demonitisation and also have ample of times made people pay money for providing service,which is their duty.. The entire babu class has made india a dirt as well as people who pay them to get the work done....May god bless modi

  5. Will modify replace by yogi Aditya nath in 2019 election


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