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Significance of Brahmacharya in Hindu Dharma Shastra

We read again and again about people being unable to maintain Brahamcharya during the Mantra Sadhana days. Today I will enlighten readers about the significance of Brahamcharya in Hindu Dharama Shastra and it's necessity.

There are various quotes in our religious texts about the significance of Brahamcharya, which, I have mentioned below. - Ashok Mehta

It is said that one can leave every riches of the 3 worlds, the chance to to rule Swarg or one even can leave the chance of going to Brahma Lok but one must not break Brahamcharya under any circumstances.

In fact, the significance of Brahamcharya is so much that even writing a book would be less for me. But still I have tried to be as concise as possible.

Brahamcharya is not just about having sex. Even Swapna Dosh and unintentional loss of semen breaks the Brahmacharya.

During a Mantra Sadhana, protecting your Brahmacharya is as important as protecting one's own life.

The Brahmacharya Vrat is considered to be the most powerful Vrat in the 3 worlds. This Vrat does not necessarily mean eating once or twice a day. The Vrat means to take a Sankalp of doing one-thing to get some other thing. The person who follows this Vrat automatically becomes a Siddh Purush and all the Riddhi-Siddhi salute him.

Due to lack of semen, a person loses the sparkle from his face, youthfulness, Sadhana Tapa, physical strength, mind, ability to remember, etc end up before time and as a result such a person gets inflicted with lots of diseases and dies very soon.

For the person who doesn't maintain Brahamcharya getting god's blessings and his Darshan are impossible.

Shri Lakshman had maintained Brahmacharya Vrat of 14 years because of which he was able to defeat Indrajit.

Lord Indra did a Tapa of Brahmacharya Vrat for 100 years in order to please Prajapati.

In fact, Brahmacharya alone has the power to make someone immortal.

Brahmacharya in itself is considered as the most powerful protector of the person.

An Akhand Brahmachari has the power to shake the three worlds.

When a person keeps Brahmacharya for a long enough time, he gains unbelievable energy in this body, mind and senses.

Keeping Brahmacharya also helps such a person gain control over senses and stop the uncontrollable thoughts. This is a tried and tested fact.

In the olden times, any new born kid had to follow Brahamcharya Vrat till at-least it became 9 years of age. But in today's time, things are in horrible state.

The kids born to such people remain very malnourished and face diseases throughout their whole life.

According to Yoga Shastra, semen gain is like getting birth and semen loss is the same as dying.

According to the Sanatana Dharma Ayurveda, 1 drop of semen is made from 80 drops of blood.

Even one time semen loss causes death of thousands of micro-organisms. If someone does this, he gets a Brahma-Hatya Dosh.

Looking at a girl with sexual intentions is worse than getting bitten by a snake.

A snake may or may not be able to kill you with his bite but a sexual thought itself can kill a man (mentally).

A person who is drowning in the middle of the sea may be able to save himself but a person who is constantly ridden with sexual thoughts will never be able to save himself.

If such a person wants to control his sexual thoughts he must try to assume every girl to be a manifestation of Lakshmi Maa or Kali Maa.

Other than this, sexual thoughts can also be controlled by eating satvik food, doing prayers, reading various religious texts, doing yoga and meditation.

A Grihasth, can maintain Brahmacharya Vrat by engaging in sex just once every month.

There are specific criteria that every person must follow whether you are a Grihasth or not.

1. Ashtami, Chaturdashi, Amavasya, Purnima  Surya Sankara- the person who is having sex or breaking Brahmacharya on these days will go to Narak Lola after death. - Mahabharat

2. The person who engages in sex between 4 AM to 8.30 PM will be ridden with poverty and diseases for many births - Brahmavayvartpurana

3. Having food, having sex, sleeping and studying- all these 4 thing should not be done during the dusk period. Because having food will bring calamity, having sex will bring diseases and the couple will give birth to a very cruel and bad child, sleeping will cause loss of wealth and studying will cause decrease in age.

4. When a person causes fall of semen on the ground, the number of micro-organisms that were there on that particular area, the person has to spend 1 year for each micro-organism in Raukh Narak Loka after death - Mentioned in Shrimat Bhagvatam.

5. Engaging in sex out of a relationship with some other girl will destroy all the things you have desired, brings loss of age and wealth, cause diseases,etc. There is no such thing as dangerous for a man than engaging in sex with such a girl. -Markendyapurana

6. Doing sex during day time reduces the age of a person very severely - Skanda Purana

7. Having sex with a girl on her monthly periods causes loss of strength, mental capabilities, intelligence and eye strength.

According to the Mahabharat written by Krishna, Having sex with a girl having monthly periods give the man Brahma-Hatya Dosh and he goes to Narak loka after death.

The person who is not defeated by the beauty of a woman, is one whom no one in the world can defeat  because the person who a woman wins over, despite being a Sadachari still remains Apavitra.

The person who is under the control of woman and her beauty, will not benefit from any Mantra,Tapa, Sadhana, Puja, Yagna, Tarpan.

The Tarpan and Shraadh done by such a person is never accepted by his PItru. Even flowers given by such a person are not accepted by god.

The Tapa, Sadhana, Tarpan, Daan, Vidya, Puja,etc  Performed by a person who is always engaged in sex, sexual thoughts towards a girl, go in vain.

If a person takes a Sankalp of maintaining Brahmacharya on a particular day for appeasing that day's planet, then the Graha will give good effects even if the Graha is malefic.

An Akhand Brahmachari can shake the 3 worlds, make the 7 oceans dry and wealth and prosperity will be bowing down in front of the Akhand Brahmachari.

There are lot of more things I have to say about Brahmacharya and it's importance in life and in doing Sadhanas but I think that the things I have shared should be enough and if some wants to live a peaceful life he should definitely take a Brahmacharya Sankalp.

All the things shared by me are no doubt true, tried, tested  and experienced.

This article is a part of the article on - Hanuman Mantra to Destroy Sexual Desires

Neel N is the founder of He tells you in English and Hindi about Spells, Vashikaran, Yakshinis and all Hindu and Islamic Mantras and Yantras. The Prophecies, Revolutions of India and the coming World Wars of the Bible, Kalki Avatar and Nostradamus. The Mantra and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe.


  1. Thanx sir 4 shering such kind of valuable information.....

  2. Great. Hats off you Ashokji.
    Thanks for educating us.

    Jai Shree Ramā! Jai Veer Hanuman

  3. Ok, thankyou for this article, but, for a woman, is brahmacharya necessary too (don't lose semen) ?

    1. For a woman brahmacharya vrath is very easy. Women have more samyam. But for men the shukra always flows downwards during sexual excitement or even sexual thoughts. For men It takes great will power to do brahmacharya sadhana. It is the essence of life.

  4. Sir, Does this information applies only to men ? Or both men and women ?

    1. Brahmacharya is essentially for men but if a women is doing some tapa then she to must not engage in sexual activities

  5. sir, u have mentioned in 2nd point.that having sex is beneficial between 4am to 8:30pm and in another 6th pont. u said having sex during day time decreases man's what is the right time then? its confusing.... plz reply

    1. I haven't mentioned that it's beneficial. It is very clearly mentioned that one will be ridden with disease

  6. Dear Ashok Sir,
    In todays times,teenagers as well as unmarried couple indulge in sex (often unprotected)
    Isnt that a sin?Can they be punished in hell for this in the afterlife?
    2.If its a sin,then are there certain austerities by which one can purify himself?
    Is Brahmacharya in such case a right solution?

    For example people who are not married and indulge in a physical relationship with many partners,in the later part of their life if they follow Brahmacharya and such austerities to purify themselves,will they escape from hell punishment?This is a realistic issue which hassuch people worried in todays world.
    What does Hinduism have to say about this?pls advise.

    1. Karma is karma, it can't be changed. Just when a person engages in pre marital sex or an extra marital sex, any extra line besides the marriage line gets carved in his hand or even a female's hand. Nobody can escape karma, so yes, they do suffer in hell, but hell and heaven are temporary and people take rebirth after suffering in hell or enjoying in heaven according to one's karma. It's like your credit card, you have to pay back for what you took. Similarly, good karma is debit card, only benefits are bestowed in the next births.

  7. Namaste Ashok sir,could u please tell me more about Akhand brahmacharya,it is said that practicing celibacy for 12 years accomplishes akhand brahmacharya is it true

    1. Akhand brahmacharya means not engaging in sexual activities and not losing even a single drop of semen for 12 years

    2. In Kaliyug, it's aot at all possible for a person living in a household to reach the stage of Akhand Brahmacharya.

    3. Nothing is impossible in the world,
      If we have strong mind and will power we can accomplish akhand brahmacharya

  8. Namaste Prabhu. It 'hard to brahmacharya in Kali Yuga, and especially if you do not try a superior taste. I pay my respects.

    1. Mr. Piero scalella its also hard to live in Kali Yuga, so y u are here, go and sucide

  9. Is this the reason that mantras aren't successful, what are the other ways to mantra success


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