Sanatana Dharma Tantra for Divine Dreams

I am sharing today a very special and uniqueTantra of Sanatana Dharma to get divine or godly dreams. This Tantra also helps one to get Diksha in dreams. This Tantra has been discovered by me myself and does not exist in any book or the Vedas. This Tantra is simple, I described in below in this post- Ashok Mehta.

1. Do this Tantra in the afternoon.
2.Wear yellow clothes or white clothes for this purpose.
3. Sit facing the north on a red or white velvet Aasan.
4. Keep a yellow or red Chowki In front of you and establish your Isht Dev's Yantra or idol on it. A photo cannot be used.
5. In an earthen Diya, light a Diya using sesame oil and cotton as wick.
6. Do Panchopchar Puja.
7.Recite the Isht Dev's Namaskar Stotra or Stuti 5 times. If this is not there then recite the Isht Dev's Chalisa 7 times.
8. After this go to sleep there itself. One must sleep only on a red or yellow cloth and while sleeping the face must be towards the Isht Dev's idol or Yantra.

You will get divine or godly dreams.
One must not put forth any wishes before doing this Tantra and only do it as a Nish Kama Karma.
One will surely reap the desired success.
The Tantra should be repeated for at least 3 days for it to start showing the effects.
Jay Shri Rama


  1. Thank you Sooo Much Mr Neel and Mr Ashok

  2. very great sadhana...Mr.Ashok will you please let me know any sadhana of Maa Mansa Devi...Iam Devote of Her,Let me know how to worship Maa Mansa...

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  4. Hi sir , in your post you mention to worship the isht dev . if person doesn't know there isht dev than which God we have to worship.

  5. Dear sir
    Can this practice be done at night???

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  7. Thank you.. Have to ask could you make a post about consecrating and making a idol, shrine, picture,yantra etc of the chosen god,isht deva? So that its a live ensouled spirit in the idol. I only worked with my ancestor spirits so far and i was led to Lord Shiva in one fo my dreams i never worked much with hindu gods much before so i wish to build a stronger bond with him please do guide me how? :)

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  9. ashok ji pls give a remedy to attain good health,education ,harmony in life,reverse grey hair

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  11. nice informative post,
    sir iam having a doubt please clarify ,
    should we sleep immediately in the afternoon after doing this tantra or can we sleep in night
    kindly reply sir i'l be great to you
    jai shri ram ,jai veera hanuman

  12. Namaste sir,u told that after doing this tantra we should sleep there itself, should we sleep immediately after doing this tantra,kindly reply sir. I'm still having confusion with this


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