Lime Chillies Totka for Shop House

The Lime- Chillies or Nimboo-Mirchi Totka for removing the Evil-Eye or Buri Nazar is a most common sight all over India.  The simple home-made negative energy repulsing talisman is usually tied on the main doors or houses, offices, shops and vehicles on the day of Amavasya or the Dark Moon. One usually comes across some people selling this talisman on this day, especially on street corners and traffic light signals. In this post, I have described a simple and easy to make variation of this most common talisman to increase the business or sales of a shop, office or to attract money and wealth into a home.

The talisman should be made by weaving the three items given below in a thread in the same order as mentioned below-
1 Nimboo[Lime]
3 Green Chillies[Hari Mirchi]
1 Bibva Nut –  also called Bhallaatak or Agnimukh or The Marking Nut

Then the prepared talisman should be hung somewhere on the outside upper frame of the main door, shutter of the shop or house on a Tuesday or Saturday at 12 0‘Clock in the afternoon.

After some days the talisman will dry up and get spoiled, in this case it should be thrown away on a street corner and if need be replace by a similar talisman on a Tuesday or Saturday.

Notes- the talisman described in this post is one among many such Buri-Nazar/Jadu-Tona/Buri-Bala repulsing Totke traditionally practiced by common folks in India.

This is a stand-alone home remedy and it does not involve any kind of Puja - Worship or Mantra Chanting.


  1. Neel Sir,
    Is there any other Mantra to remove negative energy from one's surroundings or home? I only found "Bhagavad Gita Mantra to Purify Shop or House". Please let me know if there's any, especially one with mantra chanting. Thank you Sir.

    1. There are other remedies for this problem do a site search for - Remove Negative Energies

  2. Respected sir, how many green chilies do we need?


    1. If you have read the post carefully, the number 3 is mentioned.

  3. Dear sir
    What is bibva nut where can I get

  4. just watch each and every house or shop near by you its black in color and gets fire easily when burning candle touches it


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