Shiva Mantra to cause Diseases to Enemy

In this article, I have shared a dual purpose Shiva Mantra, which has the power to cure a person as well as the power to cause diseases to a person.

When the Sadhak wants to harm someone, like an enemy,  he must energize ash with the Mantra by chanting the Mantra 5022 times and then sprinkle the ash on the target person's clothing. This will make the enemy suffer from  whatever disease you have wished for him. - Ashok Mehta

To cure the enemy from the disease, the practitioner has to energize the ash by chanting the Mantra 1042 times and give it to the enemy to lick. This will cure him of his diseases. The enemy has to directly lick the ash with his tongue.

Mantra: ||Om kalpaante namaskaare fatt swaahaa ||

||ॐ कल्पांते नमस्कारे  फट् स्वाहा ||

The same Shiva Mantra was shared by a reader some time back, the Tantra used in that article is different and the purpose is for curing mental turmoil and depression, the post can be seen here – Depression Cure Mantra


  1. Namasthe Guruji,
    Which type of ash should be used? Can we Use Wood or Agarbathi or Dhoop ash?
    Thank you.

  2. Sir,
    After infusion, can we sprinkle the ash with in 3-4 days?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Definitely, Research on your own over Internet and you will get the desired Information. However, there lies a silver line between Information and Knowledge, which comes only through experience of self or a Yogya guru.

  4. Dear Ashok Sir,
    while throwing the mantra infused ash at the enemy,if we want him to get a specific deadly disease such as small-pox,will he get it?where to get this ash from?
    and also if some of the ash falls on the practioner or the one using it,will he also suffer?pls help.

    1. He will get whatever diseases we wish for. Ash should be of the dead or the one taken from a yagya. If it falls on the attacker he too will be affected by the disease

  5. Dear Ashok Sir,
    I have found a very interesting Hanuman Mantra from the Ravan Samhita which I would like to share with you.I post it in the comments section after your next Hanuman mantra post.You will surely want to post it on this site after reading it.

  6. Wat if evil person misuse this mantra
    den all shivaji will give disease to innocent people

  7. Guruji, what is the correct pronunciation of this mantra? Thank you

  8. please guruji please clear my doubts iam bit confused how to do it in right way

    1) Do i need to sprinkle infused ash on enemy body cloths? or is it okay if i sprinkle ash on all washed cloths in cupboard?

    2) do i need to hold ash in my hands and recite 5022 times or i can place ash infront of me while doing mantra chant?

    3) after infusing how soon do i need to sprinkle on enemy?

    4) is it one time prayoga or do i need to infuse ash every and sprinkle on enemy cloths every day until enemy falls sick?

  9. Within how much time can we sprinkle the ash on enemy or else within 3-4 hrs


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