Mahamaya Shakti Mantra for Swapna Siddhi

This is a Mantra dedicated to Mahamaya Shakti or Chamunda Mata. The Mantra is actually a verse from the Shree Sukt. Whenever one is in doubt about the fulfillment of a wish or wants an answer or solution to a very necessary question, he must recite this Mantra in order to get the solution in a dream.- Ashok Mehta

The Mantra can be chanted on any day but one must try to only chant during the Shukla Paksha days. The Mantra has to be chanted at night after 9 pm using a Kamalghatta Rosary facing the east. One must use a yellow velvet Aasan or a yellow silk Aasan. The  Verse has to be recited 100 for Malas on that night itself.

Verse: || तां म आवह जातवेदो लक्ष्मीमनपगामिनीम् ।
यस्यां हिरण्यं प्रभूतं गावो दास्योऽश्वान् विन्देयं पूरुषानहम् ।।
Taam Ma Aavaha Jaatavedo Laxmimanapagaaminim |
Yasyaam Hiranyam Prabhutam Gaavo Daasyoshvaan Vindeyam Purushaanaham ||

After the Mantra Japa, keep the Japa Mala under the pillow and immediately go to sleep.

Chamunda or Lakshmi will come in your dreams and tell you something or will only speak. You must at once hear everything and write it down no matter what. Because if you don't you are bound to forget it. I myself have experienced it while trying to do Swapna Siddhi.

Only Kamalghatta Mala can be used and one must light a Pure Ghee Diya in front of Devi and then commence the Mantra Japa.


  1. Respested Sir,
    Thankyou for sharing such a beautiful post,
    I have some doubts,i will be glad if you clear them
    1-i have not understood,we have to chant verse for 100 malas or 100 times.
    2-during sadhana days,when we are doing purashcharan or siddhi,is it true that we should avoid cutting hairs and shaving
    3-is there any mantra sadhana to appear in somebodys dream or to control the dream of others or to show someone dream we like to show or dream telepathy.if you know please share it with me,i cant find it anywhere,i tried a lot to find it,so please help me.
    You are my last hope

  2. Dear sir,

    with reference to the above subject i have one small question that is you have to mentioned 100 for malas it means 1 round of mala or 100 round of malas ?


  3. Sir, I have followed a lot of remedies from this website and have got benefits. Thanks.
    My father who is 60+ is recently having Vertigo problem due to severe ear infection. Is there any remedy to improve his condition? Thanks

  4. I have a question.when a person start chanting from 9 pm than to complete 100 malas chanting obviously it becomes should be split orelse to be chanted in one day?if one day than how 100 malas can be completed in one single day?kindly guide

    1. 100 malas can be completed by 4 am or if you want you can star by 8 pm also

  5. Ashok Mehta Sir,
    Can you pl guide me with a simple mantra or any other way to protect One himself from facing injustice( annyaayamu in Telugu) in every day material life in & out, Of-course only who likes & observes / follows justice towards every fellowmen every life event.

  6. Dear Ashokji

    Thx for sharing wonderful mantras n remedies.

    Can you please suggest me a specific powerful mantra for getting job in abroad?
    Plz reply

    1. You can try siddhivinayak mantra shared by me few days back. Recite it 11 rosary daily for 41 days and take a sankalp before starting the japa.

    2. Dear Ashok ji can you please tell me the mantra and all procedure for it.


  7. Thanks for the posts. Sir What is a sankalp? Where can one get bhojpatra?

  8. Sir will the deity come and tell me answer to my question for which I am searching for an answer or just anything?

    Which Goddess idol should be worshipped - Kali mata or Laxmi devi?

  9. Sir, once the deity comes, will she come in my dreams everyday or will I have to do it everytime I want an answer.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Sir pls help me I loved a boy past 7years bt his parents NT accepting due to dat nw he left me pls suggest me I need to marry him n his parents should agree for marriage

  12. Hi sir request you to answer this please do we have to siddha kamalghata mala bfr worship

  13. THE 100 MALA would be completed for the next night, not the night one starts on... there could have ben typo in the source text...


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