Immense Benefits of Rama Moola Mantra

Following is a complete procedure of Shri Rama Mantra Sadhana for getting Siddhi over the Shri Rama Moola Mantra.
This is my favorite Shri Rama mantra and I don't think there is any other Shri Rama mantra as effective as this. The Mantra is very sacred and godly. - Ashok Mehta

Following are the various emmence Benefits of this Ram Mool Mantra: 
1. It can be chanted by anyone including children.
2. This Mantra is a very powerful addiction removal Mantra and chanting 11 rosaries daily for only 40 days results in removal of even the most staunch deeply rooted addictions which may have been in a person for years.
3. This Mantra fulfills all kinds of wishes of a Grihast and gives you complete martial bliss along with a son as pure, exemplary and flawless as white snow.
4. It will bring Lakshmi and Shri Rama himself in the house.
5. The Sadhana who does this Mantra Siddhi will get rid of all his sins and become a very religious person.
6. He will become very big devotee of Shri Rama.
7. It will remove poverty from your house.
8. It will make you very popular in social circles. You will make lots of friends and everyone of your friend will respect your words.
9. You will  become very attractive and will have a cold, soothing aura which will make people addicted to you the way a person gets addicted to alcohol. The person who sees you for the first time will want to see you again and again. The more number of times you meet someone, the more the person will get mesmerized by you.
10. It help cure diseases
11. It can give you all the Ashwarya that one wants in life.
12. Rama Naam itself is one of the most powerful Karya Siddhi Mantras of Sanatana Dharma. Chanting this Mantra will bless you with success in every work.
13. You will start getting answers to questions that still just in mind and hadn't shared with anyone. All the doubts one may have in mind about anything will get solved in some or the other way automatically.
14. This Mantra also has the power to give Siddhis.
15. Chanting this Mantra will make you a divine soul and get rid of malefic Graha Dosha.
I suggest everyone to chant this Mantra as this Mantra definitely works and there is no doubt in it.
16. This Mantra gives the 4 Purusharth.

1. Begin the Sadhana from Rama Navami, Chaitra Navratri, Diwali or Holi.
2. Get up at 4 am in the morning. Have bath and complete all such morning chores by 4.30 am
3. Now, sit facing East on a yellow Aasan.
4. Keep a yellow Chowki in front of you and keep a yellow cloth on it. On it, keep a copper or, if possible, gold plate.
5. Bathe the Shri Rama Yantra in Gangajal Water and then keep it on the plate.
6. Worship Guru, Ganesha, Vishnu, Shiva, Sita, Lakshmi andHanuman.
7. Do Panchopchar Puja of the Yantra. For Naivedya, one must offer boiled milk with sugar to Rama.
8. Recite the Hanuman Stuti and Ram Raksha Stotra once. Then recite one rosary of ॐ रामभद्राय नमः , ॐ रामचंद्राय नमः using a Tulsi Rosary.
8.  Take a Sankalp.
9. Recite the Mantra 6 lac times/6000 rosary within 21 days for Mantra Siddhi and 24 lac times/ 24000 rosary within 96 days for Purushcharan.

Dashansh Homa, Dashansh Tarpan, Dashansh Marjan, Dashansh Brahman Bhojan, Dashansh Dakshina are necessary to be done after the completion of the Mantra Japa.

As I have already mentioned, when doing Japa, only 100 out of 108 Japa are counted in the Sadhana and the rest 8 are doing considered for errors.

Viniyog: || ॐ अस्य राम मंत्रस्य, ब्रह्मा ऋषि:,गायत्री छंदः, श्री रामो देवता, रां बीजम्, नमः शक्तिः,चतुर्विध पुरुषार्थ सिद्धयर्थे जपे विनियोगः ||
|| Om Asya Raama Mantrasya, Brahma Rishiah, Gayatri Chhandah, Shri Raamo Devtaa, Raama Beejam, Namah Shaktiah, Chaturvidhi Purusharth Siddhayarthe Jape Viniyogah ||

Mantra: ||ॐ रां रामाय नमः ||
||Om raan(g) raamaay namaha ||


  1. So great, Rama mantra that really do wonders, Thank you Sooo Much

  2. Jai Shree Ram! Namashkar!

    I am extremely sorry to ask again, is it OM RAM RAMAAY NAMH or OM RAAN(G) RAMAAY NAMAH.

    me & my son pronounce it as OM RAM RAMAAY NAMH.

    Please clarify

    Jai shree Ram! Jai Veer Hanuman

    1. ॐ राम रामाय नमः and ॐ रां रामाय नमः are 2 different mantras giving same benefits

  3. Dear Ashok Sir,
    For all the benefits mentioned above one has to chant 11 rosaries for 40 days?

    1. No. That rule applies for the addiction removal desire only

  4. Guruji,I didn't understand ninth point. You want to say 300 rosaries in a day. Dashansh Homa How many days will it take bcoz 60000 is not possible in a day.

    1. You can divide then into 3 days or make multiple pujaris do in one day

  5. Sir,, is it ram or rang..plzz clear the pronounciation for this siddhi pryog..

    1. I have already answered this and you can look at the above comments for understanding

  6. Namaste can i just chant this mantra without doing any vidhi just chanting will it help .jai shree ram rang ram ramaaya namah

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. 1. 1 lac
      2. Who's darshan?
      3. Take a sankalp and do japa

  8. Dear Guruji, can this mantra be changed or recited without rosary while traveling or during idle time outdoors when we are in waiting periods so that idle time can be utilised for benefits through recitations?

    1. It can be. But that won't give you siddhi over this mantra

    2. Ashokji,

      can you kindly give some background on why using a rosary and counting is so important.

  9. my husband is alcoholic, can i do the mantra to remove his addiction?

  10. Ashok sir, in some religious texts, i have read that if in case, one is not able to perform homa, then 40% of the prescribed number of repetitions for puraścaraṇa should be additionally chanted as mantra japa. is it true? if we cannot perform homa then can we compensate it by doing extra number of japas ?

    1. It differs from mantra to mantra and caste to caste. I will share more knowledge about it in the future

  11. What to do when I get my periods in the middle of the 40 days sadhna? Please reply Guruji. Pranam||

  12. Does 6 letter ram mantra give same benefits? Coz ram ramaya namah is mantraraj..and one more question is i recite 6 letter ram mantra 50+ times daily do i get same benefits written in post without sadhna or prayog coz i recite this mantra as nitya pooja...

    1. Yes, you can chant the Mantra as much as you like and you will get the benefits if you chant it with devotion.

    2. is nyas,digbandhan and dhyan necessary or i just chant 51 malas of ram ramay namah?


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