Ram Mantra for All Round Happiness in Life

This is a verse from the devotional Ram Raksha Stotra, which is said to get the blessings of Shri. Ram, which are even more than that of the Ashwamedha Yajna. The Ashwamedha Yajna was an ancient Hindu ritual performed by the most powerful of Kings to become a Chakravarti Samrat or an Emperor.  The procedure and the verse have been described by Ashok Mehta as a Ram Mantra for all round happiness in life.

This is a verse from the Ram Raksha Stotra, which is said to give the most powerful results in receiving blessings of Lord Rama.

Mantra: रामो दाशरथि: शूरो लक्ष्मणानुचरो बली |
काकुत्स्थ: पुरुष: पूर्ण: कौसल्येयो रघुत्तम: ||
वेदान्तवेद्यो यज्ञेश: पुराणपुरुषोत्तम: |
जानकीवल्लभ: श्रीमानप्रमेयपराक्रम: ||
इत्येतानि जपेन्नित्यं मद्‌भक्त: श्रद्धयान्वित: |
अश्वमेधाधिकं पुण्यं संप्राप्नोति न संशय: ||

Meaning: "Rama, Dashrathi, Shur, Laxmanaachur, Bali, Kakutastha, Purush, Purna, Kausalyaayey, Raghutam, Vedaantvaidya, Yagnesh, Puran Purushottam, Jaanki Vallabbh, Shri-Maan and Aprameya Paraakram.

There is no doubt that my Bhakt who recites these 15 names of me everyday receives my blessings, which are even more than those gained by the performing of an Ashwamedh Yagna.

The Ram Raksha Stotra verse can be chanted as per the wishes of the Sadhaka.


  1. sir to do this sadhana we need to get this from guru only?,or i can do by my self directly?

  2. such a great work you are doing sir

  3. How many times in a day it should be chanted or any siddhi pryog..

    1. No such rules. One must recite atleast 1 rosary daily with devotion.


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