Hanuman Mantra Remedy for Success - 2

This Hanuman Mantra remedy for Success, which I have described in this post, is a variation or another method of practicing an earlier Hanuman remedy for similar purposes about which, I had written in the past. Even though both these remedies are essentially one and the same with the same end goal, I have described in this post the second method of performing this remedy in order to resolve and remove problematic issues, obstacles, blockages and hindrances related to business, job, love, marriage or personal life.

This Hanuman Safalta Aur Yash Prapti Hetu Upay or Totka as this remedy for getting success is called in the Hindi language should be commenced on a Saturday of the Parva Kala.  Parva Kala is an astrological Shubh Muhurut, however, laypersons can simply calculate this period to be the auspicious day of any Hindu festival, which falls on a Saturday.

The Totka should be commenced on the Saturday of the Parva Kala and practiced on the next eight consecutive Saturdays [nine Saturdays in all].

On each of these Saturdays, the practitioner should bring home a fresh, clean and undamaged leaf of the Peepal tree [Sacred Fig tree in English] and bathe it by pouring a little bit of Ganga Jal [water of the holy river Ganges] and Milk over it. Then he should let the Peepal dry by itself and after it dries up keep it under his mattress near the approximate position where he keeps his head while sleeping at night.

Then after the completion of all the nine Saturdays, he should remove all the nine Peepal leaves from under his mattress and write the Hanuman Mantra – Jai Shri Veer Hanuman – जय श्री वीर हनुमान  on each of the nine Peepal leaves using a pointed wooden stick as the pen and Chandana Paste[ Sandalwood paste] as the ink.

Then on Monday, he should immerse the nine Peepal leaves one-by-one in any flowing water body, like a river, canal or the sea.  The Tantra mentions that the obstacles and problems will vanish as rapidly as the Peepal leaves flow away from him in the flowing water.

This concludes the Hanuman Mantra Remedy for getting success. The earlier version of the same remedy can be seen here – Hanuman Remedy for Success.  Both these remedies are practiced for the same purpose, readers can practice anyone of these two remedies, there is no need to practice both the remedies.


  1. Dear Neel Sir,

    I want to do most powerful Pratyangira Mantra Sadhana. I want to know can i do it at home? How? and how much chanting require? and for how many days? please let me know?

  2. Sir, is it not correct that after 8 weeks ie from first leaf under mattress to the last one, earlier leaves will become yellow or cracking hard. Is that OK ?

    1. That is all right, the leaves will become Yellow. They should be kept nicely so that they do not crack or break.
      Even if the leaves are slightly cracked the Mantra Remedy should be completed as mention in the post.

  3. Sir, after nine Saturdays, all the nine leaves have to be taken out from under the mattress and then mantra has to be written on all 9 leaves.than immersion on Monday, as per post.

    1)Sir, please guide as to whether all the 9 leaves have to be taken out from under the mattress ON SUNDAY (coming after 9th Saturday) or ON MONDAY (the day of immersion).

    2) the leaves should be immersed in any sequence or in the chronology of their placing under the mattress ?

    1. There is no sequence or order, which has to be followed in writing the Mantra on the leaves or immersing them in water.
      The full Mantra Sadhana of taking out the leaves from under the mattress to immersing them should be done on Monday.

  4. Sir, only your advice can satisfy me

  5. Sir, thankyou very much indeed. You have helped me a lot always.

    I have to wait to start this prayog as it has to be started on an auspicious Saturday.

    Sir, since it is a Hanuman ji related remedy and it is going to last for little over 8 weeks, ANY special precautions like onion garlic avoidance or brahmchaari etc ?

    1. There are no special precautions indicated, in case there are any, then care is taken to mention them in the post.


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