Laghu Nariyal Mantra Experiment For Money

In this post, I have described a simple method of worshipping the Laghu Nariyal by chanting a popular and most effective Laxmi Mantra. This Mantra Prayoga is said be most effective in Laxmi Prapti or attracting Money, Wealth and Abundance into the home and business of the practitioner of the Laghu Nariyal Mantra Sadhana.

The Laghu Nariyal also called, as the Shriphal is a much sought after Tantrik item, which is believed to be very effective in attracting the Goddess of  Money, Wealth and Abundance Laxmi Mata into the home, shop or office. It is said that the Laghu Nariyal symbolizes Laxmi and hence the worship of the Laghu Nariyal is equivalent to that of the worship of Laxmi. The Laghu Nariyal is a tiny Coconut, about the size of an Almond [Badam]. There are many Tantric Paranormal Experiments of all kinds, which are preformed in India using the Laghu Nariyal as a good fortune-attracting talisman.

The Laghu Nariyal can be brought home on any auspicious occasion like a festival, Shubh Muhurat or Tithi. It has to be worshipped with offerings of Sandalwood Powder and Sweet Smelling Flowers. A Pure Ghee [Pure Clarified Butter] Diya and a couple of Incense Sticks have to be lit in front of the Laghu Nariyal.

After this, the famous and popular Mahalaxmi Mantra shown in the image given below should be chanted for One Mala or 108 Mantra Repetitions.

Mahalaxmi Mantra for Laghu Nariyal for wealth,abundance and money
Mahalaxmi Mantra for Laghu Nariyal

After this, the Laghu Nariyal should be kept in the Puja Ghar or in the Cash Box or Safe in the home or office.

If the practitioner wishes, he can repeat the entire Mantra Experiment every day.

Note- the Mahalaxmi Mantra is recommended for energizing the Laghu Nariyal and infusing it with the power of the Laxmi Mantra.

However, if the Sadhaka has any other favored Laxmi Mantra, then he can replace the Mantra prescribed in the post with his favored Mantra.

The Laghu Nariyal is an inexpensive Tantric item, which can be found in most stores dealing in Tantric and religious products in most places in India.


  1. Repeating in the sense daily different nariyal u should use or same 1 we should use plz do reply

    1. The same laghu Nariyal should be used to perform this Mantra Experiment.

  2. Neel Sir , The Famous mahalaxmi mantra , for this what is the total amount for achieving its siddhi (for mantra sadhana)? 1.25 lakh or more
    Thank you In advance .
    also I have one request , There is a stotra Called ' Venkatesh Stotra ' , if there is any method for gettting its siddhi or activating it . please post an article on it.I read in a book that 40 recitations make 1 mandala . and certain amount of mandalas should be done.

    1. For this purpose 108 Mantra Chants is sufficient.
      For other Mantra Prayogas, it depends upon the Tantra practised.


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