Real Life Experience of Dead Man Come Alive

This is an description about the real life experience of a person who was witness to the coming alive of person who was declared dead. The experience involves a very strange paranormal occurrence after which the dead man came alive. The writer of this article is a senior citizen who does wish to be named. I am personally fully convinced about the truthfulness of his real life experience.

In the Words of the Witness
I do not know if anyone has had the experience of a witnessing a man who had been declared dead come alive after a supernatural occurrence.  I would like to tell about a real life experience, which, I witnessed in my youth, some 60 years back, I am 85 years old now. Please do not doubt me as what I am writing the absolute truth and would like other people to learn and discover something useful from my real life experience.

It was some 60 years back when as a young and energetic lawyer, I was working as a junior associate to well known senior lawyer in Pune City in India. One day, in the morning, the brother of my senior lawyer suddenly had a heart attack, was taken to a hospital and declared dead in the hospital.

His dead body was brought back to his residence in the evening and kept in the living room of the house, surrounded by ice-slabs. I was one of those who were helping the grieving family members of the dead man by making preparations for the last rites, which were to take place early in the morning.

At about 12.30 hours in the night, four persons wearing white colored Dhotis and Kurtas walked into the house and insisted on seeing the body of the dead man. They were taken into the living room where the body was kept. One of the four persons took out some cooked rice from his pocket and put it inside the mouth of the dead man. He then told the friends and relatives of the dead man “his time has not yet come”. Saying this the four persons walk away.

We were startled to see some movement in the body of the dead man and at once understood that some supernatural event had taken place and the dead man was coming alive. I was among the people who ran out of the house to find the four person, we searched in every direction, but they were nowhere to be seen.

The dead man came alive that night and fully recovered in a couple of days. He lived for another 24 years and completed his preplanned life span before passing away.

Neither I nor any of the friend or relatives of the dead man who came alive that night had any idea who the four person were, whether they were living men, spirits, spirit guides. guardians or angels?

I have omitted the names of the people mentioned in this episode so as to protect their privacy. I hope the committed readers of the site will find my contribution useful and will learn, find out and discover something very useful from this true real life experience, which was witnessed by me of a dead man coming alive.


  1. Wow,that was astonishing,real fresh one,i have heard dead person coming alive,but not this type of one,thank you for sharing this sir,who are those 4 people?,Bhrama,Vishnu,Maheshwara and Yama dharma Raj???

    1. No, it unlikely to be the Hindu Gods you mention, but the possibility of them being Spirit from another Dimension or Loka cannot be ruled out.

    2. Wow!.... I have heard some aghoris & peer baba's can make a person come alive if their time on earth is not completed. So in this case I asume they were Aghoris or Peer Baba's who got the lucky man back to life.

  2. Some powerful Aghoris have this power to get someone back to life if their time is not completed to Live. Some other ways r slapping,kicking or shouting at the dead person to get him back to life.

  3. wow amazing i believe this story no doubt yes some unexplained things happen which are unbelievable. I believe this bcoz a similar incident had happened in my family some 40-50 years back. This was told to me by my parents both were witness to that. It happened wid our ancestors. The person had been declared dead great grandfathers uncle. He sunddenly woke up while people were just going to give him agni. It startled everyone but ofcourse everyone became happy. He told that a person was taking him might be yamraj while taking that person suddenly looked at uncles face n said "u are not the person whom I was supposed to take. Ur time has not come. I had come to take your nephew" This were the words he said after that he told him to go. Thats how he woke up just before agni. When he woke up just after 3 days his nephew died.

    1. There are a lot of things, which are unknown, nothing is known about what happens when a person dies and what happens after that.

  4. Dear Neelji, must be 1956/57. Were they messenger of death

    1. Difficult to say, but as, I mentioned in a reply to a comment above, they are likely to be evolved souls from another dimension of loka.

    2. Yam dutts, they were yam duts, they don't appear in their real appearance to humans if they have to meet them.

  5. This is not an unusual occurrence and has taken place a number of times in India but undoubtly true.

  6. :)..incredible indeed. Truth is but stranger than fiction. I believe it absolutely. The unknown dimention does exist.Thank you for sharing the experience.

  7. You guys need to visit Tamil nadu and find Tamil siddhars, they still do such miracles but have done numerous such demonstrations on insistence from local public, that's why they might not do it on your insistence , it used to be a common demonstration a few years back. But thanks to their miracles, the fake foreign supplanted Dravid blah blah blah racist theory failed miserably because these miracles being demonstrated and people witnessing such miracles which kept their faith intact. The Tamil siddhars are the descendants of the Tamil branch of nath sampradaaya

  8. There is a kund 10 kms from Dungargarh, Rajasthan situated in premises of a fort.

    People say that it was created by Lord Bramha and makes a dead body alive and that too, he/she becomes more powerful than before.


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