Swapneshwari Mantra for Dreaming the Future

This is another specific kind  Swapneshwari Devi Mantra Experiment for getting Precognitive Dreams - Suchak Sapne while asleep at night, which has been described by Ashok Mehta in this post. In the past, I have written about some most powerful Mantra for visualizing the future in dreams, including a special Mantra  of Swapneshwari Devi, which can be seen here - Mantra to talk to God while Dreaming. However, the Mantra and Tantra described here in this post is different from the earlier Mantra.

By Ashok Mehta
Swapneshwari Devi  is the female manifestation of the God of Dreams while Swapneshwar is the male manifestation. It is said that they are the Avatars of none other than Shiv and Adi Shakti who were responsible for the real and genuine precognitive dreams.  This Mantra is of Swapneshwari Dev, which makes you, see the future in dreams at night.

Procedure of the Swapneshwari Devi Mantra Experiment
1.The Mantra Sadhana should be commenced on any Saturday Night.
2. Keep a fresh book and pen near your bed.
3. Sit on an Aasan on your bed and chant 11 Rosaries  of this Swapneshwari Devi Mantra. Use a Rudrakash Rosary or a  Sphatik Rosary for the purpose of counting the number of Mantra Chants.
4.After completing the Mantra Chanting,  do mental worship [ Mansik Puja] of Swapneshwari Devi and take her blessings for getting success in the Mantra Sadhana.
5.After chanting the Swapneshwari Devi Mantra go to sleep immediately. If you wake up in the middle of the night, it means the mantra has started working.
6. When you wake up,  you will still feel quite sleepy. Now this is the tricky part. You will be awake for very few seconds and then you will fall back into sleep. When you wake up,  make sure to write your dream and then only sleep.  Or else you will forget the dream in the morning.
This Swapneshwari Devi Mantra Sadhana is very simple and very effective. If a person cannot chant 11 Rosaries,  then one must try to chant at least 5 Rosaries.

Hindu Mantra Chant to invoke Goddess of Dreams Swapneshwari Devi
Mantra of the Goddess of Dreams

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  1. Very Good One Mr.Ashok,Thank You Neel Sir,Mr.Ashok The Way You Explain The Sadhana Procedure Is Quite Impressive,I Think You Have Mastered This Sadhana :),Will You Please Share Any Interesting Sadhana Which Is A Bit Easy To Do And Which Helps In Gaining Prosperity Or Any Yakshini Or Genie Under Our Control That You Got Success In !!! Thank You :)

  2. Ek baar 11 rounds Marne se sirf ek din sapna aayega ya har din 11 mala karnee hai?

    1. Do 11 rounds every day for 41 days

    2. Only on saturday ?
      Everyday for 41 Days ? or
      Every saturday for 41 saturday ?

      plz help to understand

    3. Start from Saturday and continue daily for 41 days

  3. How many days has it to be continued ?

    1. If doing 5 rounds then still 41 days ?
      Clothes can be regular ? Or sadhana clothes required and aasan ?

    2. Any aasan can be used except black colored aasan

  4. At the time of monthly problem for ladies should we continue or we need to stop and continue later from wr we have stoped

  5. Dear Neel Sir,
    Can you please make one post on Neel Saraswati sadhna (easy way) and at your earliest.

    Best wishes

  6. Is it compulsary to do mantra chanting sitting on the bed or can i chant 11*108 time in pooja room and go to bed.

  7. Do we get results after or before 41days???

    1. its depends upon your honesty in japa sadhana, u may can get everyday or 1st day, or any day

  8. If I wanted to go and talk to other in the dream what to do? How to do

  9. Sir,Please tell me which colored Aasan is best for this Sadhana And in which direction is the best for this Sadhana?

    Please reply Soon..

    1. It is not mentioned, so you can use any colored aasan.

    2. Namaste bhaiya ye mantra Kam karta hai but jab mein apna question paper mein likhkar takiye ke niche rakata hu to answer nhi milte dream mein. Please batay kya karu apna question Badal lu kya ? Please reply

    3. This article was written by a guest blogger, hence, the steps given by him should be followed.

  10. If I do not have rudraksh or sphatik mala can i use any normal mala?

  11. sir I want to know about this devi , I mean ye konsi devi hai (swapneshwari). inke aur bhi koi naam hai , ye koi devi hai ya yakshni hai .. I want to know about more , and siddhi ho jaane ke kya Anubhav hai


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