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Information on Ghee Yagna and Poverty

The information provided by me in this particular article isn’t a Totka but an unknown fact about Hindu religious rituals, which could be of interest to Mantra Upaasaks, as well as the followers of Mantra Vidya. The information given by me in this article is something which is unknown even to a majority of Pandits. This information is about the relation between the specific material used for a Yagna performed in the house and poverty. – Ashok Mehta

If Ghee or Sesame Oil is used in a Yagna performed in a house or a city that is facing poverty or going through drought, it will leave the city or house barren and even the Pandit’s family will end up facing severe poverty. In normal cases, Ghee Yagna is performed because Ghee represents poverty and offering it in fire signifies that you are burning away the poverty.

However, Ghee Yagna cannot be performed in a house or village, which is going through severe poverty or drought.

Doing so, will destroy the entire family/village and all the members will get engulfed in diseases, anger, hatred and this will bring an end to the family/village.

In such a situation, one must first perform a Daridra Narayana Puja and then perform some other puja if it is needed
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  1. I do havan twice a month with ghee, that means i should not be doing with ghee any more?

    1. The above mentioned rule is only for drought hit villages and for family facing extreme, beggar like poverty

  2. Guruji, in the article you said " Ghee represents poverty burning in fire signifies that you are burning away poverty " but in your next sentence Ghee should not be used in a house or village.
    can you please clarify.

    1. It's not "Ghee" alone but "Ghee Yagna" where Yagna means a ritual sacrifice. Read the full line.

      "Ghee Yagna cannot be performed in a house...."

    2. Dear Abhishek ji, I know that Yagna means the ritual sacrifice. Are you saying that Ghee Aahuthis should not be given while performing Homa ? As far as I know Cow Ghee is main Ingredient in haavan.With out it, it is said incomplete.Other than that which ingredients (haavan saamagri ) are offered in Homa. Please clarify.

    3. Please read the post properly. I have clearly written this rule of ghee is only meant for drought hit villages and poverty stricken families ONLY.

    4. Dear Guruji, pardon my outspokenness, by giving oblations ( ahuthis ) with ghee in homa means we are giving it to the concerned diety, with medium of Agnidev and swaha devi who is agni dev consort (wife). As far as my knowledge goes , according to Hindhu rituals , cow is considered as Lakshmi, and every thing ( i.e milk, ghee, curd, urine, dung, saliva ) comes out of it is considered as blessing of Lakshmi. As in our puranas it is said all god and goddess reside in Cow. Then how does ghee represents poverty ? please clarify. Thank you.

  3. Dear Sir, Does this mean that we should not use Ghee Diya in the regular Puja? Please clarify

  4. guruji,
    if ghee represents poverty, pls adv if v can light diya in front of gods idol at home also can v use ghee while cooking food or sweets at home for festive season

    1. Pure ghee represents poverty and the reason why we use ghee in diya is to get rid of this poverty. We are using firse as a medium to burn away the poverty and negativity from the house. We use ghee in sweets because by eating it you are signifying that you are eating away the poverty. Similarly, even sesame oil represents poverty and hence it is used to remove poverty from house. It is not wrong to use ghee

  5. What is meant by ghee yanga? It is told eveywahere that Ghee is best to be used for havan then what should be the yagna material?

    1. I haven't said that ghee cannot be used all together. Please read the post properly. Ghee yagna cannot be done only in drought hit villages and extreme poverty stricken families.

  6. Mehta sir, can you please share the source of this rule?

  7. It's so simple... If a poor family will use ghee in havan is so expensive it will eventually results in more poverty.. so don't go in content go in context.. few rituals and tradition are region specific .. let's not try to make meaning every post according to our comfort.. try to understand what neel ji & ashok ji posts here and rather than arguing..

    Note: this reply is not specific to one person's for everyone..

  8. Ghee is believed to be one of the purest and sacred substances in the world. Lighting Ghee lamp feeds the gods and produces a positive vibe in the house which will extend till swarga loka. Ghee is quite expensive too. If a poor village or poor person lights ghee it will only benefit the village or person. This was probably spread by some crooked people to prevent other's from attaining good fortune by lighting ghee HA HA.

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