Strange Indian Home Remedy for Whooping Cough

In this post, I have described a paranormal healing remedy to cure and get relief from Whooping Cough or Pertussis, called in Hindi as Kali or Kooker Khansi. This home remedy, which originates from the Kak Tantra and uses a Crow and the water of India’s holiest river, the Ganges, might sound strange or weird to most people.

The procedure given below should be followed in order to practice this healing remedy:
1] The practitioner has to take Ganga Jal in a clean vessel and keep it aside for 24 hours, so that the mud content in the water, settles down to the bottom of the vessel.  The vessel should not be moved for these 24 hours, so as to keep it still and let the mud settle down.

2] Then,  after 24 hours, the water should be filtered, using a fine strainer or muslin cloth and kept in another vessel.

3] Then, on the third day, the practitioner has to capture a crow and pour some of the Ganga Jal into another broad bottom vessel and dip the claws of the crow in the water for about 30 minutes.

4] After this, the practitioner has to perform an Utatra[exorcism ritual] by rotating the crow in a clockwise manner around the body of the person suffering from Whooping Cough.

5] After, completing the steps mentioned above, the practitioner free the crow and let it fly away.

6] The water should then be stored in a bottle or jar.

The Kak Tantra says that giving a tablespoon of the Ganga Jal to the patient daily gives the patient relief from Whooping Cough and cures it after a few days.

Another home remedy for giving relief to a child suffering from cough, including Whooping Cough from the same Tantra says that the beak of a crow should be wrapped in piece of cloth to prepare a healing talisman. This talisman has to be tied around the neck of the child, to give it relief from cough.

Note- These paranormal healing remedies have been described only to give readers interesting information about rare and unknown Indian Healing Sciences of the middle-ages and not to advocate or endorse the practice of the same.


  1. One should not opt the second method(wrapping beak in cloth), as it is cruel to kill a crow when you have another very easy alternative(dipping claws of crow in water). Thank you Neel Sir for providing us knowledge of our ancient Science.

  2. Thank you verry much... you have been a help to alot of people ... i live in stuttgart germany, i have been held as a captive , and my pineal gland is being distorted all the time and im being sexual harrased. i have something like an implant inside my head and boddy ... im an targeted individual , my name is stefan georgios antunovic , aka Steve stefan heichen ... i wish for a mantra to remove implants and better sleep. i coudnt sleep ever since , my dreams are also been stolen and also my girls and desires and so on... sometimes i wish for a quick death ... thank you in avdance...


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