Yantra to Center the Mind and Concentrate

The Yantra described by me in this post is useful in enhancing the concentration abilities of the practitioner by making the mind center on a specific object. The Yantra is comprised of a symbol of the Hindu sacred Om, along with the Swastika, the Beej Mantra – Hreem, which opens the higher levels of consciousness in an individual and the number 71.

The Yantra is used as a concentration aid in a Tratak Meditation, which is described below.

1] A larger version of the Yantra shown in the diagram should be drawn on white paper using black colored ink.

Indian Occult Charm to Center the Mind and Concentrate

2] Then, it should be affixed at eye- level on a wall and the practitioner should sit down about 3 feet in-front of the Yantra in the Yogic Pose of Padmasana.

3] At first, the practitioner should steadily gaze at the whole Yantra and then close his eyes and hold his breath for a few seconds.

4] Then, he should open his eyes and comfortably gaze at only the – ॐ – in the Yantra and try to concentrate all his energy in the direction on the – ॐ.

5] This meditation experiment should be performed in the morning and night for 5 to 10 minutes or as long as the practitioner does not experience any strain or discomfort.

This benefits gains from the practice of this form of Tratak Mediation might vary, depending upon the purpose for which it is practiced.

Students, scholars, researchers of those engaged in the acquisition of knowledge might find that they have increased their concentration abilities and are able to focus on the subject, which they studying or exploring.

Practitioners of the paranormal could discover that they have enhanced their psychic skills and developed extra sensory powers like clairvoyance, psychokinesis, telepathy and precognition.

Those on the path of Spiritual Discovery could experience higher levels of consciousness or connect to the deepest levels of their sub-consciousness.


  1. are there methods or other practices which can teach a beginner how to do dhyaan or go into trance ?
    Simple exercises ?


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