Mantra to Insulate Body from Stabbing

This is a Shabar Suraksha Mantra for insulating the body against stabbing wounds from swords, axes, daggers, knives and other such weapons of war. This Shabar Mantra from the middles ages was among those paranormal spells from the middle ages, which provided psychic protection to soldiers before the start of a battle.

The Mantra was also most probably used by wandering Nath Panthiya Sadhus as a supernatural shield to insulate the body from life threatening attacks by enemies, thieves and dacoit gangs using weapons having sharp blades.

The Mantra, which is given below was Mastered by Sadhaks of Shabar Vidya by chanting it until they could memorize by heart and recall it whenever the need was felt.

काले तिल कवेला तिल गुजरी बैठी | पीर पसारै सुई न बेधे माधाई | पीर न आवे काली करूइमती भारी दुष्य तिब्रकी लार | अवनी बाकों  सुई अषषाडे की धार आवे | न लोहू न फूटे घाव रक्षा करे गुरु गोरखनाथ |
Kale Til Kavela Til Gujari Baithi | Peer Pasaarai Sui Na Bedhe Maadhaaee |  Peer Na Aave Kali Karuemati Bhaari Dushya Tibraki Laar | Aavani Baakom Sui Aashshaade Ki Dhaar Aave | Na Lohoo Na Foote Ghaav Raksha Kare Guru Gorakhnath |

Then before the start of a war or encounter, the Sadhak took some Sabut Urad [ Black Grams or Black Lentil] in his right fist and chanted the Mantra to infuse it with the power of the Mantra. He then threw the infused Urad Grains on his body to shield it from the sharp weapons mentioned above.

Note- Unable to vouch for the effectiveness of this protection spell because I have not tested it nor have I seen any person test it successfully. 


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