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Simple and Powerful Vashikaran Removal Upays

There is no need for performing any special Vashikaran Removal Mantra Sadhana. Those men and woman, who suspects that they are the victims of any kind of Vashikaran, Mohini or Akarshan Mantra, Yantra or Tantra  Prayog can simply practice some of the Upayas mentioned below by me- Post By Guru Swami

I have given the most simple and easiest of Upays of Purging the harmful effects of a Vashikaran Spell of any kind.

These Upays, not only remove Vashikaran and all kinds of Love, Attraction and Enchantments Spells but are also effective in removing other evil spells and energies like Nazar Dosh.

Powerful Vashikaran Occult and Voodoo Spells Removal Remedies

1] Gargle with Hing(asafetida) water in morning and before sleeping at night.

2] Take Loban Gandham, Kali Mirch and Rai, on a Saturday and move it 7 times on Hanumanji and keep it in your pocket for 7 days and after that burn it on a Cow Dung fire.

3] Keep Gorochan and Tagar in a red cloth and keep it in your Puja Place.

4] Take a lemon and rotate it 21 times over the person suspected of being affected by a Vashikaran Spell and keep it on a Chouraha do not glance back, which going back.

5] Offer 7 Roses to Devi Mahakali and recite the Mantra – Om Kreeng – ॐ क्रीन्ग – and after that,  take 7 leaves of a Rose and eat them.

6] Take 2 Incense sticks and rotate them in 10 directions, 2 times,  chanting your Isht Devta’s Mantra and then rotate it 21 times over yourself, while chanting the Mantra and then until it burns regularly chant Mantra and pray before and after doing this Totka.

If these are not sufficient let me know, I have given the simplest and most powerful Vashikaran Removal Remedies.  I have and also noticed a people here do not do Sadhnas but think that they will get the fruits just by reading the post.


  1. What is tagar means?where can I get it?

    1. तगर एक वृक्ष है,जो कोन्कण की तरफ पाया जाता है,इसकी जड़ गंधद्रव्य के रूप मे काम आता है पंसारी के यहाँ मिल जाएगा .

  2. Sir will fish fullfillment sadhanas work after completing sadana. How long it takes to show results

    1. कामनापूर्ति साधना अन्य साधनाओं की तरह ही साधना के सफलता पूर्वक संपन्न होने के बाद ही फलदायक होती है .साधना के उद्देश्य,विधि और फल मे ही निहित होता है कि परिणाम कब मिलेगा .

  3. Sir.. Namaskar..
    I and my family are suffering from vashikaran from years.. We all regularly do sadhana.. So it reduces but takestlong time as we do regular sattvik sadhana.. When it hits atleast a month goes before it effects lessen a little..
    Pls suggest some remedy to reduce and make vashikaran effects disappear as soon as we suspect its effects.. Someone is regularly doing on usu.
    Pls help

    1. The vashikaran removal remedies mentioned in this post are very simple but effective and can be tried.

  4. Please Please Please tell me removal mantra for urvashi apsara


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