Powerful Locked Vashikaran Mantra

This Vashikaran Mantra, which, I have written about in this post uses either a flower, piece of cloth or a Paan as the infusing object and transfers it power into that object, which is given to a desired man or woman in order to to cast a Voodoo Love Spell that man or woman.

There is no Siddhi Prayoga available for this Vashikaran Mantra and it is unsure, whether it is a Siddha Vashikaran Mantra or if there is a secret procedure or an unlocking key hidden somewhere in the Vashikaran Tantra for gaining control over this Mantra and using it to cast a spell on any person.

From the composition of the Vashikaran Mantra, it is clear that it originates from the Tantric Forms of the Divine Mother, Bhagamalini and Kameshwari, both are in certain available descriptions connected to love, sex and physical pleasure and passion. However, there are also other qualities attributed to these Forms of the Mother Goddess, apart from those described above.

If any person succeeds in unlocking this Mantra, it can be used to cast a most powerful, potent and effective love spell on any person, which will make that person behave like a most obedient slave, who is ever eager to please his or her master.

ॐ भगमालिनी भगवते ह्रीं कामेश्वरी स्वाहा ||
Om Bhagamalini Bhagavate Hreem Kameshwari Swaha ||

If any person has more information about this Vashikaran Mantra or has the key to unlock and use it and has used it successfully to cast a love spell on any person, please inform other readers about your experiences. 


  1. how many times to chant the mantra while holding the object?

  2. Yes pls can say how many times we have to chant the mantra ,pls clarify

  3. As far as i know even one vashikaran mantra would be enough for purpose but trying each and every vashikaran mantra is really great i am observing some great sadhaks that pretend like they do every vashikaran mantra posted but if they would have done even one they didnt need any other

    1. Wow...well said sir....it is true.. trying each and every vashikaran mantra is not good.

    2. Why not? When a mantra does not work, after several weeks, you have to try another one, I think. Otherwise she will marrie someone else... :)

  4. मेरे विचार से यह मंत्र कामेश्वरी यक्षिणी से संबंधित है .
    "अष्ट यक्षिणी साधना "मे वर्णित यक्षिणिया इस प्रकार हैं -सुरसुन्दरी,मनोहारिणी,कन्कावती,कामेश्वरी ,रतिप्रिया,
    पद्‍मिनी,नटी,अनुरागिणी .
    कामेश्वरी यक्षिणी का चित्रण इस प्रकार है-सदैव चंचल रहने वाली,उद्दाम यौवन युक्त ,जिससे मादकता छलकती हुई बिंबित होती है .साधक का हर क्षण मनोरंजन करती है .उसे पौरुष प्रदान करती है .पत्नीसुख की कामना करने पर पूर्ण पत्नीवत रूप से सेवा करती है .द्रव्य की आवश्यकता होने पर तत्क्षण
    उपलब्ध कराती है .
    भूतडामर महातंत्र के श्रीउन्मत्तभैरवी -भैरव संवाद मे यक्षिणी नायिका कवच का वर्णन है ,जिसे यक्षिणी साधना के समय पाठ करने से कामेश्वरी भी सिद्ध होती है .

    1. Satya Ji, I appreciate your depiction about the YakshinI. How about RatiPriyA Yakshini? If you have seen her description, too, please inform us also. Thanks a lot.


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