Sindoor Vashikaran Yantra for Amavasya

In this post, I have described yet another Pati Vashikaran Yantra for the benefit of ladies wanting to cast a strong occult love spell on their husbands. The Vashikaran Yantra can be beneficial for neglected women whose husbands do not love them or are so much engrossed in their jobs or businesses that they ignore and fail to pay attention to their wives.

To make this Vashikaran Yantra it is mandatory that you use Pure Sindoor, and not the adulterated Sindoor containing cheap dyes and chemicals, which is normally found in most stores in India.

The Vashikaran Yantra can be prepared by the wife on any auspicious day or Shubh Muhurat or Tithi.

Sindoor Vashikaran Yantra Occult Love Spell for Amavasya
Sindoor Vashikaran Yantra for Amavasya
It has to be made on a Bhojpatra, using a paste prepared by mixing Sindoor with Sweet Edible Oil [Mitha Tel] and using an Anar Kalam[small pointed stick of a pomegranate tree] as the writing instrument.

Then, it should be sincerely worshiped by placing it on a Puja-Board, covered with a red or yellow piece of cloth and offered scented flowers and an incense stick and Diya of Pure Ghee has to be lit in-front of it.

After, completing the Puja, the Vashikaran Yantra should be nicely folded and placed inside a metal locket and worn like a love increasing charm around the neck or the right upper arm by the woman.

This simple Vashikaran Upay is said to increase the love and affection between the husband and wife and enhance their personal and physical lives for the better.

Note- If the Yantra does not work as expected, then, the wife can replace modify the number in the last square – ४४४७ to ४४४४७ that is the addition of an extra 4 or ४.

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