Simple Spells for Getting Over Ex-Lovers

Some years back, I had written about a paranormal remedy that is considered to be effective in getting over a love affair, which is over or has gone wrong by removing the ex-lover from your mind by forgetting the ex-lover. This remedy is similar to Spells, which are cast for similar purposes in Europe and America as both these spells make the use of the fire element to burn away all the feelings of love and affection that are harbored for the ex-lover.

These Voodoo Spells are quite popular in Europe and America, whereas the earlier one written by me has originated in India. That Spell can be seen here – Try this remedy to forget your ex-lover.

The practice of this Western Spell is just as simple, the name of the ex-lover has to be written on a blank white piece of paper with black colored ink and that paper has to be held over a white colored candle and completely burnt to ash. While burning the piece of paper, the practitioner has to imagine that he or she is burning away all the love, affection and feeling from his or her heart for the ex-lover.

The practitioner then says something like “I have burnt away all my love and affection for you and stopped loving you and removed all feelings for you from my heart”

The practitioner them goes on to stomp his or her feet over the ash of the burnt piece of paper and then disposes of the leftover ash in the dust bin or toilet.

Another variant of the same spell makes the use of a  photograph of the ex-lover and burns it over the candle instead of the white piece of paper.

Simple to Practice Occult European and American Spells for Getting Over Ex-Lovers

Similarly, in another variant, instead of stomping the feet over the ashes, the ashes are collected in a dish and taken to a place of high altitude and blown away and the practitioner says something like “Just as the wind blows away the ash of your name or photo, so also is the love and affection for you being blown away from my heart”

The same Spell can be practiced for removing feelings of love for an ex-husband or wife.

A point to be noted that is that this Spell will succeed if it is performed confidently with single-minded determination and faith in the working of the Spell.


  1. Neel N i have done vasikarana how to come uot of it forever please help me with remedy please

    1. कुछ दिन महामृत्युंजय कवच का पाठ करके देखें .

    2. Shrihari , plz give me your mail address. I have some doubts..

  2. Please aesa kuch orr bataeae ke hamare pati ke dimag se uske affair ya lover ko mita dia jaye ...

  3. इस साइट पर कुछ विद्वेषण मंत्र हैं,उन्हे देखिये.दोनो के बीच विद्वेष पैदा हो जाएगा .साथ ही पति को वश मे रखने के मंत्र भी देखिए.


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