Beneficial Swastika Ganapati Yantra

In this post, I have described an easy method of energizing and infusing the Swastika with a Ganesh Mantra. This energized Swastika can be used a beneficial and effective Yantra to attract positive and helpful energies and aid the wearer of the Yantra and help him in meeting all his Satvik needs.

The Swastika has always been believed to attract strong magical and occult powers. These powers are normally believed to transmit most powerful frequencies, which could be the main reason why Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party of Germany adopted this ancient Hindu Symbol and made it their own. However, they failed to understand these energies were primarily positive energies and would not support nefarious and evil activities. Refer to this post- Swastika Symbolizing Ganapati

The Swastika has always been considered to be a symbol of Shri Ganesha, a few years back, I had written a post on this subject. In that post, I has mentioned that there was no Vidhi to energize the Swastika. However, there is a very specific Vidhi to energize and infuse more powers into the Swastika with a Ganesh Mantra.

1] Make the Swastika Ganapati Yantra on Copper, Silver, Gold or Moonga Stone on any auspicious Tithi, Shubh Muhurat or on a Wednesday.
Indian Occult Swastika Ganapati Yantra

2] The Yantra Sadhana should be performed by placing the Swastika Ganapati Yantra on a Puja-Board, which is covered with a Yellow Colored Cloth.

3] The Yantra should be worshiped with offerings of flowers, Dhoop and Diya and offer the Yantra a Prasad of Jaggery and Dried Coconut Pieces.

4] Then, the practitioner should sit down in-front of the Yantra and chant any favored Mantra of Ganesha 1001 times using a Rudrakaha Beads, Coral Beads or Turmeric Beads counting rosary.

This Swastika Yantra Sadhana is for a total of 21 day and the same procedure should be followed every day. The practitioner can also co-opt any other form of Ganesh Puja-Vidhi along with what is prescribed in this post.

After 21 day, the fully energized Ganesh Swastika Yantra can be worn around the neck. This attracts Kalyankari Shaktis and enhances the life of the practitioner by giving him peace of mind, increase in good fortune and protection from dangerous energies.


  1. स्वस्ति -क्षेम,कल्याण,आशीर्वाद और पुण्य आदि स्वीकारसूचक अव्यय .
    स्वस्तिक- एक मांगलिक चिन्ह .
    स्वस्तिक चिन्ह धारण करना क्षेमकरी तो है ही,अभिमंत्रित हो,तो जीवन निरापद रहता है .

  2. Dear sir,
    im writing to seek advice for my daugter Arismita, D.O.D 05/07/2014 Time 10.10 am. she is preparing for her a competition in november 2017. In first phase of competition in may she did very well and was a winner. However in second phase she didnt do well just managed to qualify for 3rd n final phase which is November.
    Please advice what can be done to increase her concentration and memory so that she wins in the final round in November in U.S.A. Also some remedies for sucess in studies n competitions. Really looking forward to your help and advice. Any remedies I can do as her mother.

    1. Please do a site search for the remedy you are looking for, many such remedies are published on this site, you can select the one you like.

  3. is there any substitute for jaggery because here in the west one cannot buy jaggery?


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