108 Ka Yantra for Success

In this post, I have written about the 108 Ka Yantra for fulfilling or getting success in a special task or wish that is very dear or important to the practitioner. The Yantra as the name suggests vibrates to the most powerful mystical numerical value of the number 108.

The number 108 has a unique importance attached to it in the Hindu religion, especially in the field of Mantra Shastra. Regular readers of this site would no doubt has noticed the use of this number or its multiples in the calculation of the number of Mantra Chants, in most articles on Mantra Chanting. This is so because almost all counting rosaries or Japa Malas are comprised of 108 Beads, no matter, which stone or material they are made of.

The task or wish can be connected to any specific purpose like love, marriage, health,  job, money or business. The Yantra making and using procedure in uncomplicated and it can easily be put into practice by following the steps mentioned below.

1] The Yantra can be prepared on any auspicious occasion.

2] It can be drawn on either white paper or Bhojpatra with Ashtagandha Paste as the ink and Chameli Kalam [small pointed stick of a jasmine plant] as the pen. Using a nip or small pointed stick of gold as the pen is also considered to be most beneficial.

Occult Indian 108 Ka Yantra for Success

3] Then, it should be placed on a Puja-Board and offered flowers, fruits, gandham, incense and an oil lamp and worshiped by taking a Sankalp that you are going to worship and wear the Yantra for the fulfillment or completion of your “so and so task or fulfillment of so and so wish”.

4] Then, the Yantra should be placed on the body, either in a metal locket around the neck or laminated and kept in purse or pocket.

5] Until the completion of the task or fulfillment of the wish, the Yantra should be worshiped daily by lighting an incense stick and oil lamp in-front of it.

6] After, the successful completion of the task or fulfillment of the wish, the 108 Ka Yantra should be placed in the Puja Place or Altar.


  1. sir.do forgive me for asking this for the third time..which is..can the 108 ka yantra be used repeatedly for other needs or is it a one time use yantra for one purpose..thank you sir for all these free and valuable information that you are providing.

    1. Yes, it can be prepared as explained in the post for other purposes or tasks.

  2. thank you sir for your answer.

  3. Sir these yantras show effect in how many days? Or it needs to be prepared for a very long term?

  4. Does its multiplies the number of mantra chant


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