Murti Tratak Meditation for Psychic Powers

In this post, I have described the method of doing Murti Trataka Meditation. This kind of meditation involves gazing with single minded concentration at the deity in a photograph. Tratak Meditation is practiced to energize the Chakra the Pineal Gland and activate the Ajna Chakra or the Third-Eye, located in-between the eye-brows.

Trataka Mediation of which Murti Tratak Meditation is one of the forms,  is said to trigger-off the development of dormant paranormal powers like intuition, clairvoyance and other psychic powers and heighten the functioning of the senses.  It also develops self-confidence and enhances intelligence of the practitioner.

The simple steps given below can be followed to practice Murti Trataka Mediation at home.

1] Take a 2 inch long and 3 inch wide photograph of your favored deity or your favorite Holy Person, Saint or Satguru.

2] Fix it on the wall in front of you at a height of 3.5 feet or the height at which you can comfortable gaze at the photograph.

3] Sit down comfortably on a sitting mat, about 3.5 feet in-front of the photograph of the deity.

4] Gaze at the deity in the photograph for about 25-30 seconds and then immediately close your eyes and try to bring the image of the deity in-front of your eyes.  You will notice that slowly the image starts getting fainter and fainter.

5] Then repeat the same exercise and close your eyes and immediately try to see the deity in your mind’s eye. This means try to visualize a mental image of that deity.

6] Repeat this Murti Trataka exercise 21 times.

7] After some days, you will experience that whenever you close your eyes and meditate upon the idol, you will be able to see it in your minds eye. If you are able to retain a mental image of the deity for about 1 minute, then it means that you have started getting success in your Murti Trataka Meditation.

Note- If you do not wish to use an image of a God or Goddess, you can replace it with that of a symbol like Om or Swastika.

Or if do not wish to use anything connected to religion or any mystical symbol, then, you can use an image of a flower.


  1. Sir we hv to tratak only 1 minute to the statue of god or we can until tears cm in our eyes.

  2. Hello sir.
    I wanted to ask that can a layperson perform this meditation..?

    1. Yes, they can if they have confidence and will power.

  3. Can we also practice this on a "murti" or "idol" which is approx.6 inch in height and 3 inch in width? Instead of a photograph on a wall?


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