Mantra Siddhi Short Upayas and Doshas

Today I will give you all some information on Mantra Doshas and some other procedures relating to Mantra Siddhi and Short Upayas. - Post By Guru Swami

Mantra Doshas
1) Abhakti
 Taking  Mantra for granted thinking it is only words. All should take Mantra as Devta Swarup that is a Mantra is comprised of Dev's powers.

2) Aksharbhranti
 If one or two Akshars are added or omitted due to some doubt. For this Dosh a Mantra should be taken again from a Guru.

3) Lupt
 Its is present if there is deficit in any Varna of a Mantra. In this also the Mantra should be retaken.

These other Doshas, mentioned below are also there and in all these the Mantra has to be retaken or a Guru only can give you a way for getting rid of these Doshas.

4) Chinn
5) Hrasv
6) Swapn Kathan
7) Kathan
8) Dirgh

There is an article already published on the 10 Sanskars to remove all kinds of Mantra Doshas, which you can refer to, that article can be seen here – 10 Sanskar for Removing Mantra Doshas

So, in this article, I will be giving you new and rare information which is not available on this site.

Different methods of getting Mantra Siddhi
Dear readers, I will give you the easiest ways but please font use these methods directly in any condition. These are only to be used when one has tried many times but has not succeeded in getting Siddhi

  In this do the Samput of the Beej Mantra Aing in the Mantra and then chant 10 Mala of the Mantra.

 In this the Mantra is written on a Bhojpatra with the ink of  Alaktak, Lal Chandan, Dhatura Seed, Kut and Mesil and then it is worn around the neck.

 In this the add Strim in the beginning and end of the Mantra and chant it 1000 times.

Then write the Mantra on a Bhojpatra with cow milk and wear it on the right hand however for females, it must worn in the left hand.

 In this every word of the Mantra should be combined with Agni Beej 'rm' and chanted 1000 times then write the Mantra with Palash Beej's Oil on a Bhojpatra and wear it on the shoulder.

  In this do Samput of the Mantra with Vayu Beej 'ym' and chant it 1000 times and then do Homa and with the ink of that ash write the Mantra on Bhojpatra and wear it around the neck.

There are two more ways, Peedan and Braman, but the ones mentioned above are the easiest among all the methods of getting Mantra Siddhi. But don't use these Mantras without trying any or prior effort in getting Mantra Siddhi.


  1. Dear Guru Swamyji/Neel sir

    Few questions regarding Poshan vidhi (For Kleem Beej mantra):

    1. Is the vidhi applicable to even Kleem beej mantra?
    2. Now regarding tying on right hand for guys, is it okay to put bhojpatra in a talisman and tie it on the hand, or is it important for the bhojpatra to touch the skin of the hand?

    3. When u meant using cow's milk to write, the beej mantra won't be visible after its dried up, is this the correct way, I understand we should use pomegranate stick to write even in this vidhi?

    4. Also, last one, is it a must to use mala? If yes, which one and in which direction, and is kush asan fine to sit for chanting the mantra?

    Kindly help.

  2. Namaskaram guruji,
    I am very fond of this amazing and educational website. This is a informative post for all vistors.

    Sir we all have some doubts regarding mantra sadhana. we all request you to clarify our doubts so that we get benefited.

    1) This Website has thousands of mantras of vashikaran, Brain mantras, Prayers mantras and Shakti mantras Etc. There are taken from puranas and hindu scriptures.
    But in most of the posts it is not mentioned that guru Deeksha is required. Only few posts it is mentioned that Guru deeksha required. Vistors are also trying Mantras without guru Deekshas. Some said they worked for them and some said they didn't.
    What happens if we do these mantra sadhanas only for GOOD PURPOSES without Guru Deekshas?
    How do they effect us?
    How harmful are they ?

    2) There are satvik, rajasik and tamsik mantras. Among the three types which can be chant without any help of Guru? And beneficial?

    Sorry for asking at wrong place. Please replay us sir. This is a major problem for all visitors.
    Happy Ganesh chaturthi
    Om Namah shivaya

  3. All mantras do not need guru diksha
    But even in todays time you of unable to find real good guru then u can make someone your guru u like ex gorakhnath dattatreya krishna hanuman ji shiv ji

  4. Namaste Guruji, Can you please tell me example of one mantra with ROCHAN, POSHAN, and DAHAN
    And in VASHYA all the ink should be mixed or saparately should I write on separate bhojpatra. I am eager for your reply please help me. Thank you.


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