Uchchatan and Videshan Experiments using Porcupine Quills

In this post, I have described a couple of easy to practice Tantric uses of the quills of the porcupine in Uchchatan or eviction and Videshan or division experiments. The quills or spines of the porcupine or Sahi Ke Kaante as they are called in the Hindi language have been attributed with certain strong magical and paranormal properties by Tantriks and practitioners of the occult in India.

These are paranormal experiments to evict an enemy from your life or divide and make the enemies fight among themselves and put an end to the harassment and problems caused by them.

These Uchchatan or enemy eviction and Videshan or enemy division experiments are independent of any kind of Mantra-Tantra Vidhi and can be immediately put into practice once you have the porcupine quills in your possession.

As mentioned above, these are standalone enemy eradication paranormal experiments and revenge spells and they can be performed anytime when one feels the need to evict an enemy from ones life or divide ones enemies. However, it must be kept in mind that to unnecessarily harass someone for trivial reasons is to invite Bad Karma into your life.

Videshan Experiment
1] If a few porcupine quills are hidden inside the home of an enemy, then, there will be fights and disagreements [Videshan] in the home of the enemy, it is also likely that his family will split and become divided. He will face loss of wealth and money and will suffer from diseases and ailments.

Uchchatan Experiment
2] If the porcupine quills are burnt to an ash on a Tuesday and the ash is secretly sprinkled on the head of the enemy, the enemy will leave his place of residence and run away [Uchchatan] or disappear from your life. 


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