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Basic Principles of Mantra and Tantra Sadhana

I often see that many people who do not know the basics of Mantra Sadhana, ask irrelevant questions about the Sadhana and then say that they failed to get the desired results, in the Sadhana. These people need to know some principles of Mantras.

Well,  how much we write and how much they get will not make any difference because: THE UNKNOWN WILL ALWAYS REMAIN UNKNOWN WHAT WE KNOW BECOMES KNOWN – Post By Guru Swami

Some more important knowledge for those who want to do Sadhana and Mantras Tantras:

Mantras having less than 10 letters are called Beej Mantras, Mantras having more than 10 letters are called Mantras and Mantras having more than 20 letters are called Mala Mantras

Mantras having 5-10 letters provide Siddhi at a young age (Balyavastha), Mantras provide Siddhi in Yuvavastha and Mala Mantras in Vriddhavastha(old age)

But, Mantra of 1-5 letters can provide Siddhi to everyone.

If a Mantra has Pranav at the start,  it is a Agneya Mantra and Saumya Mantra if it is at the end.

If in a Agneya Mantra, if there is Namah in the end, it becomes Saumya and if Fatt is at the end of a Saumya Mantra then it becomes Agneya.

If Chandra Swar is going on then a Saumya Mantra should be recited and in Surya Swar Agneya Mantra.

If Sushumna Swar is going on then all the Mantra are in Jagrit Awastha.

Beej Mantras gets Siddh after 10 lakh chants.

Where Japa Sankhya is not mentioned 108, 1008 Mantra Chants should be done.

Best is Mansik Japa then Upanshu then loud chants.

If someone cannot do Dashansh Vidhi of a Mantra then one should do 10% or 40% extra chants depending on the Sadhna and the Mantra.

Good news for Women, they need not to do Dashansh Vidhi and the extra Japa.

Mantra Chaitanya
1) Do Japa by doing Samput of the Mantra with (em) Beej.
2) Shatchakra Bhedan and third is Swar -Varn Uccharan.
The easiest is mentioned above.

Most Mantras also gets its full powers that is Chetanya by reciting it 24 lakh times like, for example -  Om Namah Shivya.

Just like there are Beej Mantras.
Like Dum for Durga.
Fraum for Hanuman, Kleem is Kam Beej etc.

Every Varn also has a meaning.
Below are a few.
A(Mrityu Beej), AA(Attraction Beej), E(Pushti),  EE(Attraction), U(Strength), UU(Ucchatan)
Etc which will be covered in some other article.

A)Mantra Kulluka
Murdra Nyas is called Kulluka which is doing Nyas on Shirsh
Laxmi - Om Shreem
Sataswati - Om Aing
Hanuman - Om Fraum
Shiv - Om Hraum
Vishnu - Om Namo Narayanaya
Etc are there but mainly the Dev’s own Mantra is Kulluka well I have not mentioned all which included Dasha Mahavidhya.

B)Mantra Setu
Mantra Setu is done by doing Japa in Hriday 10 Malas should be chanted.
For Brahmins and Kshatriya (Om) for Vaishya (Fatt) and for Shudra (Hreem) is Setu Mantra

Mahasetu gives us the right to chant the Mantra in any Avastha(Sthithi/Condition).
Its Japa is done in Vissudha Chakra.
Kalika - Kreem
Tara - Hum
Laxmi - Shreem
Tripur Sundari - Hreem
Annapurna - Aam
For all others including Shodashi its Strim.

Read Pranav first and the Varnas from A to Kshah then recite the Mantra then recite Aing and again read Varnas from A to Kshah and do Japa of Pranav this is Samput Vidhi you all know Samput what I have written is your Mantra with Samput.
This is done in Manipur Chakra.

E)Mukh Shuddhi
This is done before to purify your mouth there are different Mantras which are recited for 10 times but doing Achman with water.
Om Narayanaya Namah
Om Keshvaya Namah
Om Madhavaye Namah does both Mukh and Antrik Chitt Shuddhi

Mukhshuddhi Mantra for all Devas except Ganesha, Durga, Laxmi, Vishnu, Tripur Sundari, Tara, Shyama, Baglamukhi, Dhoomavati, Matangi, Dhanada is (Om) Mantra.

F)Mantra Pran (Pran Yog)

Do the Samput of Hreem Mantra and chant the Mantra 7 times.


Chant the Mantra with Samput of Pranav 7 times.

Then comes Bandhan which will be covered in some other article.

After that is the Mantra Doshas and then, I will give you the easiest Upayas of Mantra Siddhi. Till then, thanks to all,  Dont forget to do Punya and Sukarma. Ishwar Sabko Shakti De
Neel N is the founder of He tells you in English and Hindi about Spells, Vashikaran, Yakshinis and all Hindu and Islamic Mantras and Yantras. The Prophecies, Revolutions of India and the coming World Wars of the Bible, Kalki Avatar and Nostradamus. The Mantra and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe.


  1. It's very nice and helpful post. Sir, you said if dashansh havan is not possible we can do 10% or 40% of chants. Does this rule apply for yakshini sadhana?

  2. Very informative and good article.
    Sadhana means spiritual practice, where one has to use his or her antaḥkaraṇa (inner faculty), comprising of mind, intellect, consciousness and ego.
    Here is the full explanation about What is Sadhana.

  3. Well i do not advice anyone to do these sadhnas for reasons
    Everyone do not have atma raksha siddhis and do not know many rules
    There are many yashisnis and apsaras who need to take permission for appearing before you many gupt vidhans are there until then success is far away also there is no place for mistakes in some sadhnas
    You should remember that the one who made all itar yoni powerful and capable of granting boons or wishes should be worshiped so why dont we ask him for making us powerful and capable
    Well to your question do havan only as they are easily pleased by offerings

  4. Very informative article. Looking forward for next part :-)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This section is for asking only the meaning of words which you didnt get kindly ask them

      Secondly beej mantras gets siddh by 10 lakh not 25 lac 24 lacs is mantra chaitanya and its different for different mantras
      But its better to chant 11 lakh for beej mantras

      You can chant this mantra without any fear its a satvik mantra not shabar

      Shabar mantras are also of different types in kaliyug shabar mantras provide fast results as they are swayam siddh
      You can chant siddhivinayak manta 108 times before sunrise and hanuman chalisa 11 times daily for success in all endeavours

    2. Very very thanks for your replay guruji.

      Sorry for asking at wrong place..

  6. Could u plz explain mantra chaitanya in more detail. For eg how to do mantra chaitanya for apsara sadhana.

    1. Well i dont give any advice and explanation on itar yoni sadhnas
      But regarding mantra chaitany its different for different mantras

  7. Guruji do u think upanshu japa gives similar results as loud japa . anyone who is begginer in mantra chanting got results through upanshu method? Pls share guruji

    1. Upanshu japa gives more results than loud japa and mansik japa moe than upanshu

  8. This is informative post .
    May i request you to write a post on the guidelines for formalities and requirements for the sadhana of Beej mantra (maya beej) of Devi Bhuwaneshwari .
    And another question : Most scriptures mention its japa amount to be 32 lakh . Is it true in current yuga or it needs to be modified .

    Again I request you to write a post on the sadhana of Jagatjanani Bhuwaneshwari , and the requirements and formalities in that sadhana like type of nyaas , direction to face , best time for japa ,asa .

    Thanking you in advance ,
    A sadhak by heart

    1. Beej mantra gets siddh by 11 lakh times hreem shreem kleem etc all gets siddh by this hreem is called maya beej just like kleem is called kam raj beej
      Maybe thats something else which read
      Ekakshar mantras gets siddh by this process
      All das mahavidhyas and tantra sandhnas related to them which include mateuka nyas and other mandal and avaran puja must be done under guidance of a guru and it necessary to take guru diksha also it needs advancd spiritual level
      However there are 2 articles left in some more basics

    2. reply karne ke liye dhanyawad !

      Beej mantra japa sankhya aapney 11 lakh batayee
      toh ismey 1.25 lakh (savva lakh) ke 11 bar anusthan kiye toh chalta hein
      ek bark mein hi 11 lakh japa anusthan ka sankalp lena padta hai ?

    3. Do japa 11 lakh times not 1.25 lakh anushthan


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