Lighting Cotton Wicks in Water by Magic

This is magical Tantric experiment, which is said to enable the practitioner to light a cotton wick in a Diya or Oil Lamp filled with water. This magical experiment called as the Pani Me Diya Ya Aag Lagana has its origins in the middle ages. The Tantric experiment was most probably used to impress and fool innocent persons about the magical and paranormal powers possessed by a Sadhu or God-man.

To practice this magical experiment to light fire in water, the following simple steps have to be followed
1] The practitioner has to prepare cotton wicks and then immerse them in the milk of a deer.
2] Then, he has to remove the cotton wicks and keep them for drying in a shaded place.
3] When, the wicks dry up completely, they can be put inside oil lamps or clay Diyas filled with water and lit to astonish everyone about the supernatural powers possessed by the practitioner.

Indian Magical trick of Cotton wick burning in water
Cotton wick burning in water
By writing about this Tantric experiment, I do not mean to say that all those persons who performed this experiment in the past were mere magicians and not possessed of occult powers. There is the most famous example of Sai Baba of Shirdi, who lit Diyas in water when he was denied of oil by the merchants of Shirdi. Sai was was indeed possessed with divine powers and there was no need for him to impress people.

To hold burning coals on the palm
Kapur[Camphor] is rubbed in Navsadar or Navsagar water [aluminum chloride] and the residue is applied on the hands. Holding burning coal embers in the hand will not harm the practitioner and will impress everyone that he is possessed with voodoo powers.

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  1. नौसादर अरू लाय कपूर,पीसे पानी मे भरपूर .
    हाथन ऊपर लेप लगाय ,छाया मे फिर तिन्हे सुखाय .
    हाथन ऊपर धरे अंगार ,जलै न नैक यही निरधार
    ---नीलजी,आपके इस बहुउपयोगी ब्लॉग के पाठक
    इंद्रजाल के इन टोटकों की अपेक्षा नही रखते .आपका प्रयास ग्यानवर्धन की दृष्टि से स्तुत्य है ,परंतु आज जब हर परिवार किसी न किसी प्रकार के कष्ट,दुख,चिंता मे निमग्न है ,तब वे आपसे षटकर्मो-शांति,वश्य,स्तंभन,बैर,उच्चाटन,मारण -से संबंधित तंत्र,मंत्र,यंत्र,टोटकों की अधिक अपेक्षा रखते हैं .कृपया इसे अन्यथा न लें .

  2. Sir is there any mantra sadhna....jisse ham apne priyajano ko kisike vashikaran se protect kar sake ya....unpar hue kisike vashikar spells ko remove kar sake....
    Agar hai to aap plz share kare..coz there r lots of pls who r victim of vashikar which has been done only for lustful and harmful wil be a great help in saving inocent peoples...

    1. You can simply tie a energised mauli
      U yourself can do a most simple thing chant 1008 times your isht devtas mantra in mauli and its ready also offer a small prayer


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