Vashikaran Mantra to Attract Beauty Queen

In this post, I have written about a Vashikaran Mantra, which is said to cast an attraction spell that is so powerful that it is capable of enchanting even a Swarg Ki Rani or the Queen of Heaven. This is not to be taken in the literal sense, it means a most beautiful, attractive and alluring woman even a much sought after beauty queen.

Success in such Vashikaran Mantra Experiments, primarily depends upon the will power, confidence and concentration of the practitioner. He has to replace the word- amuk-अमुक, in the Vashikaran Mantra given below with the name of the beautiful woman he wishes to fascinate and enchant.

सर्वश्रेष्ठ स्त्री को वश करनेका वशीकरण मंत्र इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश 
Vashikaran Mantra to Attract Most Beautiful Girl in Hindi and English

ॐ सुगंधवती सुगंध वदना कामिनी कामेश्वराय स्वाहा [ अमुक ] स्त्री वश मानय मानय ||
Om Sugandhvati Sugandh Vadanaa Kaamini Kaameshvaraaya Swaha [amuk] Srti Vash Maanaya Maanaya ||

It is also mandatory that the beautiful woman and the practitioner should be acquainted with each other. Idiots and fools who dream of attracting a Filmy Heroine without knowing her should take note. However, ordinary or average looking men can also perform this Vashikaran Mantra Experiment to appear hypnotic and magnetic to a beautiful woman known to them.

The Mantra Sadhana should be done at night and the Mantra should be chanted for 108 Mantra Chants using a Rudraksha Japa Mala. The has to be done for 30 consecutive nights for successfully casting a Voodoo Love Spell on the desired beautiful woman as per the writings of the Vashikaran Tantra.

Note- As said above, the Mantra Prayog is only for people with strong will power and confidence. Laypersons or uncertain persons who keep asking questions like “which date” “which aasan” “which direction” etc. should stay away as they are unlikely to get success.

This site only provides rare and hidden information on Occult practises and cannot guarantee success or failure in the paranormal experiments published on this site.


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    1. Note left there specially for you, just below the mantra:

      "It is also mandatory that the beautiful woman and the practitioner should be acquainted with each other. Idiots and fools who dream of attracting a Filmy Heroine without knowing her should take note."

    2. I am nor an idiot nor a fool, I was just asking for curiosity.

  2. In English Version the word 'swaahaa'is missing and 'stri' is srti.Please read the english version as-

  3. For those who will be asking about this mantra
    Use red or kush asan wear red clothes as they enhance success rate in mantras
    Direction north or east
    Time in nishit kaal that is around 12:....
    3 malas of siddhivinayak ganpati mantra for success 3 times a day
    This mantra is i think attributed to lord shiva form
    Thats all

    1. कामेश्वर =कुबेर की उपाधि है .परब्रह्म को भी कहते हैं .
      सुगंधवती =मधुर सुगंध वाली .
      सुगंध वदना =सुगंधित मुख (वदन=मुख)वाली
      कामिनी =मनोहर या सुंदर स्त्री
      वशम आनय आनय =वश मे लाओ
      स्वाहा =देवता के उद्देश्य से हवि देते समय इस शब्द का उच्चारण किया जाता है .अग्नि की पत्नी का नाम स्वाहा है .यह दुर्गा देवी की एक शक्ति है.

  4. Hello Nikil N Guruji Good morning From the past 4 5 yrs I have been searching for a guru who succeed and powerful in tantra shakthi to get "treasure Gupth dhan/Gada dhan" there is no such a Original gurus ive seen all are fake and money eater and loafers as my experiance so plz am requesting could u suggest me any guru who succeed in this.. after gone through these gurus i disgusted them and tried to learn mantra for Gupth dhan so tried to go to Kerala but no circle for me & could not get information so plz help me out in this.. you are the only final hope sir.... thanq yours Eka lavya sishya

    1. Try yakshini sandhna given in thi site there are some i saw in this site for this purpose
      Before saying about those gurus u need to search yourself that why u need to rely on those

    2. गुप्त या गड़ा धन प्राप्त करने की क्रिया आसान नही है .तंत्र की यह अघोर पैशाचिक क्रिया है,जिसमे विशेष अंजन से गड़ा धन दीखेगा .शरीर को भस्म से धूसरित कर उस स्थान मे विशेष पूजा करनी होगी ,देवताओं का आह्वान करना होगा,बलि देनी होगी,देवों का अभिषेक करना होगा,शिवजी के शाबर रूप का ध्यान कर अघोर मंत्र जपना होगा .सर्प दिखेंगे,उनके लिए विशेष मंत्रित औषधि से पावो मे लेप करना होगा,कीलक मंत्र पढ़ना होगा .अंत मे द्रव्य निकालने का मंत्र पढ़कर द्रव्य निकालना होगा.
      (विवरण तंत्र की पुस्तक से).
      इसके लिए आपको कौन गुरु मिलेगा ?
      (नोट -इसके बाद यदि धन सहित आपको पुलिस ने पकड़ लिया,तो उसका मंत्र मुझे नही मिला )


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