Remedies for Kalesh Nazar and Shatru Dosha

In this post, I have written about a couple of simple and easy to practice, yet most effective remedies to remove paranormal and unseen problems like Gruha Kalesh, Nazar Dosh and Shatru Dosh.

1] This remedy is dedicated to Lord Shiva and should be performed faithfully for 21 consecutive Mondays.

On each of these Mondays, the practitioner should offer 1 Coconut[with the upper tuft or Shendi intact] and a fistful of Wheat Grains[Gehun] to Lord Shiva. These items should be kept in-front of the idol of Lord Shiva in a Shivalaya and not brought back home as Prasad.

This simple looking Upay is said to give more benefits than performing the Tripindi Shradha, which is a time consuming and costly Puja performed at specific place of pilgrimage like Trimbakeshwar, to remove Pitru Dosh.

Performing, this simple Totka is also beneficial in removing Gruha Kalesh or internal problems, fights and disagreements within a family, like husband wife problems or problems due to children. It also includes problems in an extended family, if the practitioner is a part of a joint family.

The Totka is also effective in removing or repulsing Buri Nazar or the Evil-Eye and enemy related problems and disputes.

Notes- If a woman is performing this remedy, care should be take to discontinue it during the Monthly Cycle.

Chanting of any kind of Mantra or Stotra is not needed and the only compulsory rule is that the remedy should be practiced with full faith and belief that Lord Shiva will resolve your problems.

2] This remedy is said to be most effective in resolving issues related to Atrupta Pitra and other Atmas or the unsatisfied spirits of forefathers and also other spirits frequenting the house. This Upay is also dedicated to Lord Shiva.

To perform this remedy, the practitioner should purachse a small copper idol of a Nag or Cobra and keep it infront of him in a Thali and chant he Navnag Stotra 9 times. The Navnag Stotra is a small but most powerful Mantra for Kaap Sarp Dosh Nivaran and other obstacle related to the spirits of departed ancesters. It can be seen here - Nav Nag Stotra

This remedy should be performed for 10 days and on the 10th day, the Nag should be kept on a Shivlinga in a Shivalaya.

Apart from resolving the problems related to unsatisfied ancestors, the practitioner also gets Swapna Drishtant, meaning auspicious visions is dreams.


  1. Best mantra for shatru dosha. Thanks for posting such useful mantra. Visit Shivlinga Gallery

  2. Respected Guruji,

    I'm an ardent devotee of my father (Paramporul), but none of the priests allow nor keep the offering near the Shiva lingam. How do I go about it. I am in desperate need to perform this remedy to solve our family conflicts which has no solution. I'm finding this remedy very vital as parents are going through severe pain And I want to fall on your feet for offering this solution.
    Please guide me on the path forward.

  3. Respected Sir, than you very much for this todka. It is working.

    Earlier there were many fights, arguments and not talking to other members of family for days. It has stop all kalesh at home but the it is being completed.

    However, when there is puja or prayer at home, there is arguments. Only in days to do puja, we have arguments that days. Please give me a remedy 🙏


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