Panch Sau Ka Yantra for Lakshmi Prapti and Dushman Samapti

The Yantra, which is posted by me below is a powerful Yantra that can be used to get success in more than one purposes like Lakshmi Prapti, Putra Prapti and Dushman Samapti. This Yantra, which vibrates to the numerical frequency of the number 500 is called as the Panchsau Ka Yantra in the Hindi language.

The method of making and using the Panch Sau Ka Yantra is described below.

1] The Panch Sau Ka Yantra can be prepared on any auspicious occasion, Shubh Muhurat-Tithi-Yog or festival.

2] For the purpose of getting money, wealth, getting success in any task, the Yantra should be drawn on a Bhojpatra using Ashtagandha Paste as the ink and Chameli Kalam [small pointed stick of a Jasmine plant] as the pen.

3] For resolving any enemy related problem or ensuring the defeat of an enemy, the Yantra should be written with Yaksha Kardam Paste as the ink and Chameli Kalam as the ink.

Hindu Occult Powerful Panchso Ka Yantra for Money
Powerful Panch Sau Ka Yantra

4] As always, the Yantra can be worshiped with offerings of Dhoop and Diya of Pure Ghee. Before worshiping the Yantra, it is advisable to do Smaran [ remembrance] of your Isht Devta [ favored deity] for blessing you with success.

5] Then, it can be either inserted in a metal locket and worn around the neck like a good luck attracting charm or it can be laminated and kept in the pocket, wallet or purse.

The method mentioned in point Number 1 is also said to give good and positive results for those people aspiring for progeny. In this case, 2 similar Yantras have to be prepared and used as described above by both the aspiring parents. However, I have to mention that birth and death are in the hands of God.

There will be no problem if both the version of the Yantra described in Point Number 2 and 3 are prepared and used at the same time. If doing so, then the Yantras should be worn on the body in separate lockets, a common chain or thread can be used for both the lockets.

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  1. Dear Sir
    Some years back during my travels, I had seen a yantra in some book. There was both a numeric as well as a traditional yantra versions mentioned in the book. The name of the yantra was given as "Trilokya/Jagan Mohan Ganapati " Tantra. Can you kindly post info on the above tantra.


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