Origin of Mysterious Hum Sound Explained

Soham सोऽहं  or Hamsa हंसा Mantra is considered to be one of the most potent of the Hindu Mantras to progress upwards on the Spiritual Path. This Mantra, which is said to be a contemplation on the Oneness of the Self with the Over-self can be compared to the mysterious Hum Sound or Low Frequency Vibration that has puzzled scientists all over the world for the past many decades.

Some scientists have discovered that the Hum or Humming Phenomena originates from the Earth. The Hum Sound can be heard simultaneously by thousands of people in a specific area, like the most famous “Bristol Hum”. This has affected the lives of thousands of people living in that city and its neighborhoods, these people did not realize what was happening to them, doctors as mystified as others tried to deflect their lack of knowledge by terming it as an ear related problem.

The meaning attributed to the Soham सोऽहं  or Hamsa हंसा Mantra are “I am that” “I am God” “I am the Swan [Over-Self]”.

Lets go beyond these meanings, So – is the outgoing breath and Ham – is the incoming breath. The breathing rates in most human vary from anything like 17,000 to 30, 000 breaths daily as per the available information.  So the estimated 7.5 Billion population of the world, with the exception of a few thousands, unknowing meditates upon the Soham सोऽहं  or Hamsa हंसा Mantra. Add to this the breathing of other living organisms.

The Soham सोऽहं  or Hamsa हंसा Mantra can thus be termed as the natural Mantra of existence, which in the unknowing state originates from the Atma or Prana or the Soul. This Mantra is that state which breathes life into the body.

A sample of questions for scientists and other researchers of the “Hum Vibration” are given below.

What happens when “Hum” sounds of self and over-self [the earth and the universe] are in sinc or merge into the same frequency?

Is there a critical level for the “Hum” frequency?

What will happen when the critical level is reached?

Has the earth neared the critical level or how far is it from nearing the critical level?

The answer most probably lies in the hidden meaning [masked by mythology] of some of the verses contained in the ancient Hindu Religious Scriptures like the Vedas and Puranas.

The union of Shiva into Shakti. Shiva meaning the un-modified state and Shakti meaning the energy, which activates or breathes life into the un-modified or ever-existent being.

This can means the modification of the source of all energies or formless and changeless into the manifested or the transition of the unmanefset into the manifest and vice versa. This is the unending cycle of creation as per the preaching of Hindu Cosmology.


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