Mantra Remedy for Toilet in Aagneya Disha

A house, which has a toilet in the Aagneya or South East Direction is as per Vastu Shastra said attract impure and harmful energies and vibrations. As a result the over-all atmosphere in the house is one of over courageousness or one of fear, this mostly affects the male members of the household.

If this is combined with a defect in the Nairutya Disha or the South West Direction of the house, then it is likely to cause some weakness and addictions in the male members, especially the teenagers of the household.

To offset the defect of impure Agni circulation in the house, Vastu Shastra has prescribed some specific remedies, which are said to nullify this defect. In this post, I have described a couple of the simpler to perform remedies, including a Mantra Remedy.

1] Silver or Gold Coins or Coral Stones should be buried in the area immediately surrounding the toilets.

2] This is a much simpler and effective remedy, which does not need any expenditure or breakages and modifications in the house. The chanting of the Great Beej Mantra Hreem – ह्रीं can easily eradicate this Vastu defect and remove the impure Agni circulating in the house.

Hreem is the Seed Mantra or Sound of the Primordial Goddess as Nature. It also aids in attracting helpful vibrations, including beneficial vibrations of the Sun inside the house.

There need not be method in the chanting of the Hreem Beej Mantra, like a fixed time, place or a fixed number of Mantra Chants, but it should be chanted daily as far as possible.


  1. Thank you Neel Sir. Is there a remedy for toilet in North East direction. This is apparently causing a lot of problems in relations , profession and financial condition of bot male and female member of the house.

  2. Respected Sir,
    Tomorrow we are demolishing the Indian toilet in south east corner. Please let me know if I can bury 4 silver coins in four corners where the Indian toilet commode was placed after removing it. Please be kind to suggest. Earnestly waiting for your response.
    Thanks in advance Guruji


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