Science Behind Vashikaran By Photo Technique

Vashikaran By Photo is a very popular Vashikaran technique by which one can attract and cast a Voodoo Love Spell on a desired man or woman for the end motive of love, romance or marriage. In this post, I will briefly explain the science behind these specific Vashikaran Experiments, which make the use of a photo of the end target.

This Vashikaran technique primarily revolves around a photograph of the desired person, a photograph is mandatory for this Vashikaran Sadhana, without being in possession of a photo, it is not possible to perform this Vashikaran Mantra Experiment.

The photo is used as an Tratak Object or an object for focusing your attention on a particular thought form, while chanting the Vashikaran Mantra.

The photo, symbolizes the desired person and as the practitioner focuses his attention on the photo, the thought of the desired person becomes the primary thought form in his mind and pushes all other thought forms into the background.

Thus, the practitioner is able to transfer his thoughts into the mind of the end object, which is the desired lover, the photo is only the means or vehicle to transfer the thoughts.

The Vashikaran Mantra is the vibration that transfers the thoughts in the right channel or direction, which is the mind of the targeted person and helps in planting the practitioners thoughts firmly into the desired person mind.

The main ingredient for getting success in this kind of Vashikaran Mantra Sadhana is as mentioned strong Iccha Shakti because the stronger the Iccha Shakti, the stronger the thoughts and greater the chances of the thoughts taking control of the mind of the targeted person.

The bogus Gurus/ Yogis and others of the same kind using impressive aliases,  who regularly steal content from this site add some kind of ritual or prescribe some rules for performing this Vashikaran Experiment.

Rather than helping the practitioner in focusing his entire being on the Vashikaran Mantra and the photo of the desired person, these rituals only help in distracting his mind and diverting it from the central point of the entire exercise.

We have also published these kind of Vashikaran By Photo Mantra Experiments in the past. The Video of a new Vashikaran Prayog using a Photograph can be seen here-

The Vashikaran Mantra used is a combination of Beej Aksharas and has been used in another different Vashikaran Experiment, which was published earlier but the experiment completely new.


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