Simple and Basic Tips on Visiting Temples

In this post, I have written about some simple and basic tips and etiquette on “do’s” and “don'ts”, while visiting a temple. These are basic tips for laypersons or Non-Hindus who are visiting a temple for the first time.

Today is the most auspicious Shubh Muhurat of Akshaya Tritiya, which is most beneficial for starting any Mantra Sadhana or Buying or Selling of any valuable things, including gold, silver, vehicles or property.

Wishing all readers a most happy and prosperous day to fulfil their dreams on this auspicious occasion.

Most devote Hindus will be well-versed with these simple tips, there are many other advanced and complicated procedures, which advanced Sadhaks will be well aware off, but they are unnecessary for laypersons, hence, I have avoided mentioning them in this post.

simple and basic tips and etiquette while visiting a Hindu Mandir

1] When you visit any temple, never do Namaskar to the deity with one hand, always do Namaskar using both your hands.

2] Always bow a little, while doing Namaskar to the deity in the temple. This signifies humility and reverence towards the deity.

3] Never do the Namaskar,  wearing your shoes or any other footwear, this is advisable even while doing Namaskar to the deity in the temple from outside the temple.

4] While doing Vandana to the deity or to your Guru always remove your cap or any other headgear, which you might be wearing.

5] Never perform one Parikrama of the deity in the temple, perform at least three Parikrama or whatever number is normally prescribed for that particular deity.

6] While offering a coconut to the deity in the temple, always offer the coconut with the tuff of hair side facing the deity. Likewise, if you are offering other fruits to the deity, always offer them with the stem facing the deity.

7] Ring the Temple Bell [Ghanti] while entering the temple, avoid doing so while leaving the temple.

8] Never spread you feet apart and sit before the deity in the temple. You can sit down comfortably with your feet crossed, you can do Mantra Japa in this manner.

9] Never smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco or Paan in a temple.

10] Never chat with others or greet them, while offering prayers to the deity in a temple.

10] Never take a little nap or yawn, while sitting or standing in a temple.

Even if you have unintentionally committed some of the mistakes mentioned above, there is nothing to fear because no deity is so petty that he or she will punish you for some unintentional mistake. However, see to it that you do not repeat the same mistake again, if you want the blessing of that deity.

Specific rules may be applicable to specific deities, these are the general tips, which are relevant for most Hindu Deities.

Note- For more advanced information on the worship of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and advanced procedures of Mantra Sadhana, please see the section on - Articles on Indian Mantra Vidya


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