Description of the Various Kinds of Mantra Japa

In this post, I have described the main kinds of Mantra Jaap, the first 3 types given are the basic kinds of Mantra Jaap and the next 13 are the specific kinds of Mantra Jaap. This information should be useful for new seekers or those who have just started Mantra Japa or any other kind of Meditation.

Manas Jaap- मानस जप: As the word suggests, it is a Mental Jap when one moves from one word or sentence of the Mantra while contemplating upon the Mantra, this is the highest for of Meditation.

Upanshu Jaap-उपांशु जप: This kind of Mantra Japa happens when only the tongue of the chanter moves, the Mantra emits a low sound and can hardly be heard by others.

Vaachik Jaap-वाचीक जप: This jaap occurs when the chanter chants the Mantra in a clear or unclear voice in high or low notes, depending upon the composition of the Mantra.

Rechak Japa-रेचक जप: The Mantra Japa that is done while exhaling out from the nose is called as the Rechak Japa.

Poorak Japa-पूरक जप: Japa, which is done while inhaling through the nose is called as the Poorak Japa.

Kumbhak Japa-कुंभक जप: Japa that is done while retaining the breath is called as the Kumbhak Japa.

Satvik Japa-सात्विक जप: Japa, which is done for Shanti Karma are other such Karma that are selfless in nature is called as the Satvik Japa.

Rajasik Japa-राजसिक जप: Japa done for purposes like Vashikaran, Akarshan, gain of money and wealth and material benefits for the self is called as Rajasik Japa.

Tamasik Japa-तामसिक जप: Mantra Japa done for Uchchatan, Videshan, Maran Karma or similar such Karma is called as Tamasik Japa.

Smruti Jaap-स्मृति जप: Mantra Japa that is done while focusing your attention on the tip of the noses.

Sthirkruti Jaap-स्थिरकृति जप: The Mantra Jaap that is done while walking and at the same time focusing on the road or path is called as the Sthirkruti Jaap.

Hakkar Jaap- हक्कार जप: This kind of Jaap takes place when you are loudly trying to invoke or calling upon a deity, while inhaling or exhaling through the nose.

Nada Jap-नाद जप: The Mantra Jaap in which there is a humming sound inside the body is called as the Nada Jaap.

Panch Tatva Jap- पंच तत्त्व जप: The Japa that is done as per the Tatvas- Agni, Jal, Prithvi, Aakash and Vayu is called as Tatva Japa.

Dhyan Jaap-ध्यान जप: Jaap that is done while focusing on the Varna of the Mantra Pada is called as Dhyan Jaap.

Dhyeyaik Jaap-ध्येयैक्य जप: This Jaap occurs when the Jap is done with a end purpose or motive of something.

The fruits or powers gained by these Japas will be described in a later post.


  1. Neel Sir,
    Should we use hakkara Japa when we are invoking a Yakshini or other Bhoota? And the Mantra has to be chanted as loudly as we can? Please explain Sir.

    1. That depends upon the Sadhana and what is prescribed.
      Hakkara Japa should be accompanied with intense feelings for the Yakshini or other entity, which you are trying to invoke.


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